The mystery of the magic mushroom capsule

At present, there are a large number of reports that Shengua Capsule can prevent and cure some difficult diseases. These diseases often bring great difficulties and burdens to individuals, families, and society. Therefore, they are concerned by the medical community and the society. Why does it have such an important role?
The main reason is that it contains special functional edible fungus, "obliquitous tube hole bacteria" is the superiority of its superiority, a genus of the genus Porphyra of the genus Thraustochytrium, in which the polysaccharide content is more than double the Ganoderma lucidum, can be Enhance human immunity. After being taken by countless patients in Europe, America, Russia, Japan, South Korea and China, the candida pilosa or its capsules have good physiotherapy effects on various cancers, diabetes, hepatitis and AIDS patients.
The golden treasure hymenomys capsule is the latest generation of pure extracting quality of high-quality oblique pore cell strains. The finest choice of materials, the process flow absorbs the latest international microbiological engineering and technological achievements including Europe and the United States, Russia, Japan, and South Korea, combined with its own intellectual property rights, Seiko Made from. The patient was taken three times a day, one at a time, and taken 30 minutes before a meal. According to different situations, it can achieve the effects of lifting, eliminating, reducing pain, increasing appetite, restoring normal life, prolonging life, and even fully recovering.

Product Name

Goji Berry Powder


Orange-yellow or orange color powder



Physics & Chemical Characteristic

Moisture (%)



No Peculiar Smells

Total Sugar (% As glucose)


Ash (%)


Microorganism Characteristics

Bacterium total (cfu/g)


Yeast (cfu/g)


Mould (cfu/g)


Corliform (MPN/100g)


Pathogenic Bacteria (cfu/ml)



5kg in aseptic bag, and two bags per paper carton


Normal temperature for 24 months.

Goji Freeze-Dried Powder

Goji Berry Halal Powder,Goji Freeze-Dried Powder,Organic Fresh Goji Powder,Freeze Organic Goji Powder


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