Prevention and Treatment of Common Diseases and Pests of Wheat in Autumn Seedling Stage

Wheat rust 15 to 20 days after the emergence of wheat, select the wheat field with the disease conditions to investigate, when the diseased leaf rate reached 10%, and the high temperatures in the autumn, rain is too high, immediately spray leaf rust special or Triadimefon 1000 times for prevention and treatment; When the drug source is insufficient, 50% fresh urine or 3% ammonium sulfate water spray also has a certain effect.

Wheat full-etching disease Pathogens of wheat full-bleeding disease can be infected in the autumn seedling stage, 20-30 days after emergence is the peak of infection. For land masses that have undergone full-bleeding in the past, the use of 20% tetrafencarb EC per acre for 120-200 g, and water for 50-60 kg, spraying seedlings along the ridge can significantly reduce the incidence of wheat ear-stage.

Wheat sheath blight may occur from autumn seedling stage to heading stage. The symptoms of the seedling stage are mainly in the underground part. After emergence, the underground stems of wheat are damaged and become brown and develop upwards. Many oval lesions are formed on the leaf sheaths of the 1-2 basal parts of the base. The residual vascular bundles after the lesions rot. Organizations can cause dead seedlings when severe. Severely affected land, with 20% triamcinolone EC 150g per mu, or 5% Jinggangmycin water 150-200g, or 50% carbendazim WP 50-75g, water 50-75kg Shun ridge spraying, the effect is good.

In addition to direct damage to wheat caused by wheat aphids caused by reduced production, but also the spread of wheat yellow dwarf disease. After the wheat is hatched, especially in areas where the occurrence of yellow dwarfs is heavy, field investigations must be actively conducted. When the planting rate exceeds 5% and the number of 100 plants reaches 10 or so, chemical control should be carried out. The method is: spraying 1.5~2 kg of 1.5% dimethoate powder per acre, or using 1000~1500 times of 40% omethoate EC, or 1500 times of 50% of monocrotophos EC, and the results are very good. Can treat both wheat spider mite.

The main pests in the ground are the maggots, cockroaches and golden needles. After the emergence of wheat, select a representative field survey, and when the rate of dead seedling reaches 3%, apply pesticide immediately. 1 Remove poisonous soil. Use 5% phoxim granules per kilogram 2 kg, or 3% phoxim granules 3 ~ 4 kg, or 2% methyl isofluosal powder 2 kg, fine soil 30 ~ 40 kg, mix well after opening Gully application, or shun ridge after application and then scratching and covering the earth, can effectively control lice and golden needleworm; 2 pouring medicine. Per acre with 40% methyl isophosulfate or 50% phoxim 0.5 kg, 750 kg of water, Shun ridge pouring facilities, have special effects on cockroaches and wireworm; 3 withdrawal bait. Use 5 kg of wheat bran or cake flour, add the appropriate amount of water and 40% methyl isofluosal or 50% 1605 EC 50 grams after sauteing. Mix well and spread it in the field in the evening, 2 to 3 kg per mu. The control effect can reach more than 90%.

In recent years, the occurrence of these two types of pests has been very large. They often endanger early sowing of wheat seedlings. It is possible to use 90% crystals of trichlorfon 50 grams, stir fry 5 gallons of wheat bran, and add appropriate amount of water to mix well and form baits. , 4 to 5 kg of trapping per acre.

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 Frozen Cauliflower

Frozen Cauliflower

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