Early winter management of leeches

Winter is an important critical period for the management of species, and it is also a season of high incidence of warm water and infectious enteritis in waterfowls. There is a slight neglect of the risk of major wholesale diseases. The main management points are as follows;

Do a good job of disinfection after the reservation of the seedlings to be neatly prepared, it is best to use the torch flame disinfection; followed by quaternary ammonium disinfectants such as 100 poisoning, benzalkonium dilute spray disinfection; third is mixed with PP powder and formaldehyde smoke Can completely kill bacteria and viruses.

Select strong breeding stocks for single breeding adjustments, exercise their independent viability, and happily enter the breeding preparation period.

Reasonably mix feeds properly add vegetables or multi-dimensional ingredients to improve immunity, such as carrots, green onions, onion heads.

Appropriately intensify exercise for one hour per day and appropriately increase the amount of sun exposure.

The vaccines injected in time for the injection of vaccines are vaccines for dogs and dogs, and the vaccines for transmissible gastroenteritis. The pathogens of these two diseases are viruses and there is no specific drug treatment. In the epidemic season of the virus, especially when the vaccinated vaccine was injected into the larvae (July), the antibody was maintained for six months. By December, the daily degradation was the critical line. In other words, the danger period was nine months. In seasons, the antibody level is in a position where the antibody is vacant, and it is highly susceptible to morbidity. In the event of an acute canine fever, the treatment will be completely annihilated, and the next year will be empty and devastated.

Vaccine injection method The injection site is preferably subcutaneous neck, the injection dose should be increased 1 times, 2 ml each, the injection date in January, the injection time in the afternoon or evening.

We have our own modern processing plants and a team of experienced processors. We have extensive processing experience in exporting to Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America. The company has a large number of export-grade red onions for a long time. Red Onion specifications  are 4-12 cm, 10 kg or 20 kg net packaging, and can also be packaged according to customers' needs. 

1. Commodity name:Red onion

2.Style: Fresh

3. Size: 3.0-5.0cm, 5.0-7.0cm, 7.0-10cm

4. color:Red 


1) 10kg/carton, 20kg/carton, 10kgs/mesh bag,20kg/mesh bag and 25kgs/mesh bag
2) or according to the clients' requirements.
6. Supply Period:
A) Fresh season: May to the middle of August
B) Cold storage season: August to December.
7.Conveyance:26-30MT/40'HR (loading quantity depending on packing)

8.Transporting and storing temperature: 0°C  -+1°C

Red OnionRed Onion

Red Onion

Red Onion,Fresh Red Onion,Small Red Onion,Red Big Onion

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