Spring crop seed processing technology

Seed treatment is an important means for effective prevention and control of seed propagation, soil-borne diseases, and prevention of seedling diseases, and underground pests and rodents. It ensures a solid foundation for seedlings, seedlings, and seedlings of small spring crops. The majority of farmers must pay great attention to it and take active actions to jointly handle the seed treatment of the Xiaochun crops.
1. Selecting high-yield and disease-resistant varieties At present, wheat can be selected from Neimui 6, Jiumai 9, Wanmai 10, Chuanmai 14, etc.; Rape can choose Neimai 6, Youyan 10, Mianyou 11 Other varieties; Artichoke can use detoxification seed potato Eshu 3, Eshu 5, yamshu 1 and other high yield and resistant varieties.
2, before the broadcast sowing seed selection
(1) Sowing before sowing for 2 - 3 days can not only kill germs on the seed surface, but also increase the seed germination rate.
(2) Wheat can be planted with 10-15% saline or 40% mud water, remove diseased sclerotia, sclerotia, impurities, etc., wash seeds with water and then sow. Rape seed before sowing with 1% salt water, remove the sclerotia, that is, per 100 grams of water plus 100 grams of salt dissolved, the 500 - 700 grams of rapeseed into salt water, stirring and other water to stop, remove impurities, bacteria Nuclei, empty grains, etc., washed with clean water and sowed.
3, pharmaceutical mix, soaking
(1) Mix 25 kg wheat seeds with 15% triadimefon wettable powder 50 g. Method: Place 25 kg (dry weight) of wheat and 50 g of medicine into a plastic bag after the seeds are selected. Shake and mix well. It can control wheat smut and control seedling rust and powdery mildew.
(2) Zinphos seed dressing, control of underground pests and birds, beasts, rats, finches. Method: Dilution of 50% zinc-phos notch EC 10 - 15 g 0.5 kg water, pour into 5 kg wheat seeds, mix well, and then put into plastic bags, open up after 4-5 hours of boring More than 1 month.
(3) rape soaking. Soaking with boron fertilization has the advantages of rapid germination, strong germination potential, rapid growth at seedling stage, and growth, increase in angle, increase of grain, and increase of grain weight in the middle and later stages. The specific method is to use: Boron 11% borax 2.4g/kg, first add a small amount of 45 °C water-soluble, plus diluted to 1.5 kg borax solution, then add rapeseed seeds, soak 0.5--1 hours, after drying sowing. Note: soaking concentration can not be too high, otherwise it will reduce the germination potential; soaking time should not be too long, so as to avoid excessive water absorption of seeds, longer drying time, affecting sowing; borax difficult to dissolve, must first fully open with warm water. After soaking, you can also use other medicinal fertilizers.
(4) Acacia soaking. In recent years, the frequency of late blight epidemic of artichokes has increased and losses have been severe. It is mainly caused by seed potato spreading. Leimmil 600 times liquid soaking for 10 minutes can control the occurrence of disease. Specific usage: 5 grams per acre medication, 3 kg of water, immersed in an acre of land type of acacia. Autumn and spring pods must be sowed after sowing.

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