Mother's influence: support language development after cochlear implantation in children

Release date: 2007-09-25

Mother's influence: supporting language development after cochlear implants in the United States American scientists recently published a paper in the ear and hearing magazines that mothers will have a greater impact on the development of early childhood language after cochlear implants. The researchers surveyed 32 mothers and children, including maternal factors (participation, self-efficacy, and language skills) and language expression (sounds and gestures), through parental involvement and self-efficacy, and Reynell The language development scale was assessed objectively. Results Using correlation and regression analysis, it was found that the level of language development varies greatly depending on the mother's participation and self-efficacy. Self-Efficacy is based on your past experience, after a number of successes or failures in a particular job or business, confirming that you are highly effective in handling the work and that it is an individual's behavior for a specific environment. The sense of self-confidence and correct self-efficacy are based on correct self-assessment. Therefore, when experts face such families, they should be reminded that the language development of children after cochlear implantation is also related to the mother's influence. ——Midi Medical Network

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