Plum blossoms after autumn

1. Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water. After the fall, every 7 days to 10 days, apply organic fertilizer to the basin soil once, and use phosphate fertilizer as the main solution. At the same time, apply 0.1%-0.2% of potassium dihydrochloride solution once or twice and pay attention to it. The tender shoots that sprouted in the fall were cut off because the young shoots couldn't mature in the winter and consume nutrients in vain, so that timely pruning can achieve the purpose of prodding buds.

2, basin soil can not be too dry and wet. After the autumn, plums are gradually controlled for watering. The plums are very sensitive to water, and the basin soil is too wet, which can cause premature yellow leaves, fallen leaves, and even roots to die. Basin soil is too dry for a long time, it is also easy to cause defoliation, affecting buds and flowers. Therefore, the watering must be dry and wet, and the water should not be poured. After the cool autumn, the amount of watering should be gradually reduced to enrich the branches.

3, appropriate trimming and plastic surgery. To make the plum blossom plum blossoms and beautiful, it is necessary to adopt thinning and shaping. The branches that grow at the apex of the lateral branches of the plums have less flower buds and should be cut short. The thick branches, thin branches, cross branches, overlapping branches, dense branches, and dead branches on the side branches must all be cut off. In the autumn, the short branches are cut. 10 cm short cut, long branches left 5 -6 short shoots, so that branches sparse, so beautiful branches, flowers will be more and bigger. After pruning and shaping, the flowering of the following year will be intensive, flowery, and colorful.

After the fall, potted plum blossoms from the beginning of September to late November, with the assimilation of leaves and the accumulation of nutrients from the roots, the growth of the roots will show an upsurge. At this time, we should create good conditions for the growth of the root system and the absorption of nutrients. To loosen pots and soils, to avoid excessive dry or too wet pots, appropriate application of organic fertilizers, etc., which will help the plum blossom buds, flowering.

After autumn, the pests and diseases of potted plum are relatively reduced. In order to reduce the irritation of spraying pesticide on the leaves, the application concentration should be small, and the number of sprays does not need to be overworked, so that the phenomenon of falling leaves and buds can be avoided, and the wind is also causing fallen leaves. One of the factors, in case of strong winds, can be used to shelter from the sun.

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