The rainy season cleverly prevent eggplant rotten fruit

Strengthen the management of high-drainage, fertile soil cultivation of eggplant. Rigging colonization, clean up the ditch at the onset of the rainy season, timely drainage after the rain, light well water to prevent heat and rain hazards. Apply enough base fertilizer to top-dress fertilizer in time, increase application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and avoid partial application of nitrogen fertilizer. Properly dense planting, appropriate removal of the old leaves at the bottom, improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions between the rows. The diseased leaves and diseased fruits are removed in time and deeply buried or burned to reduce the re-infection of pathogenic bacteria.

Medication protection begins before the onset of the disease or early onset of spraying, focusing on the protection of the lower part of the plant sowing fruit, and pay attention to spraying the ground, the rainy season but also spraying to protect the twigs. The agent can be used 75% chlorothalonil WP 600 times, 64% WP 500 times, 65% Zn WP 500 times.


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