Rice - Fengyou 416

Breed name: Fengyou 416 Breeding unit: Hunan Longping Gaoke Nongping Seed Industry Co., Ltd. Variety source: Fengyuan A*R416 Characteristic characteristics: This variety belongs to indica type three-line hybrid rice, and it is planted in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The average growth period was 122.9 days, which was 1.8 days later than the control Shanyou 46. The plant height is 96.6 cm, the plant type is moderate, the groups are orderly, and the grains are easy to drop. The number of effective panicles per acre was 194,000 panicles, the panicle length was 22.5 cm, and the total number of panicles per panicle was 112.9. The fertility rate was 83.5%, and the grain weight was 28.2 grams. Resistance: Grade 7 for rice blast, Grade 9 for bacterial leaf blight, and Grade 7 for brown planthopper. The main indicators of rice quality are: the ratio of polished rice 63%, aspect ratio 2.7, chalkiness rate 57%, chalkiness 10.9%, gel consistency 47.5 mm, and amylose content 21.5%. Yield performance: In 2001, it participated in the regional trials of late-middle and late-maturing high-yielding groups in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The average yield per mu was 495.49 kg, which was 1.16% more than that of the control Shanyou 46 (not significant). In 2002, it was retested, with an average yield of 474.81 kg per mu. Compared with Shanyou 46, the yield increased by 7.89% (extremely significant); the average yield per year in the two-year regional test was 484.46 kilograms, which was 4.38% higher than that of the control Shanyou 46. In 2003, the production test averaged 462.27 kilograms per mu, which was 2.15% less than the control Shanyou 46. Cultivation techniques: 1, cultivate the strong quail: according to local planting habits earlier than 汕 excellent 46 sowing 1-2 days, acres sowing 10-15 kilograms; 2, transplanting: 秧 不 age less than 30 days, planting density: 20 * 20 centimeters or 16.7*23.3 centimeters, insert 50,000-80,000 basic seedlings per acre; 3, fertilizer and water management: 30 acres of rotten mature manure plus 30 kilograms of phosphate fertilizer as base fertilizer per acre before transplanting, and use 8-10 kilograms of urea fertilizer within 7 days after planting. , To promote its early birth and fast hair, young panicle differentiation mu 2.5 kg urea plus 5-7 kg of potassium chloride mixed application, in order to promote the late spike big stalk. Water slurry management should pay attention to the late use of wet and dry alternate irrigation, do not dehydration premature; 4, pest control: pay attention to the prevention and control of rice blast and bacterial blight. Validation opinion: After verification, the variety meets the national rice certification standards and passed the validation. The variety has a moderate ripening period, high yield, rice blast, high bacterial blight, and rice quality. Suitable for the cultivation of double cropping late rice in the mid-north of Guangxi, central and northern Fujian, south-central Jiangxi, south-central Hunan and southern Zhejiang.

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