Adjustment and Maintenance of 2BQS-6 Air-suction Precision Seeder

1. Adjustment procedure and method (1) Check whether there are loose fasteners. (2) Remove the impurities in the seed, fertilizer tank and seedlings, and the fertilizer feeders. (3) Grease each lubrication point. (4) Connect the implements, center right and left, adjust the level of the racks, lift the implements, and check the clearance of each part. (5) The ground line idling test is to observe whether each transmission component is normal, check whether the chain is tight and suitable, and whether the tensioning wheel works normally. (6) Adjustment of fan belt tension. The fan is driven by a two-stage V-belt. After working for a period of time, the V-belt will loosen and deform. Adjustment method: First, loosen the four M12 bolt nuts fixing the middle pulley, and then adjust the middle pulley frame to a suitable position, tighten the nut, and then loosen the three M12 bolt nuts of the fan to adjust the fan bracket. After adjusting the bolts and adjusting the V-belts tightly, tighten the nuts. (7) Adjustment of the ground wheel position. According to different operating requirements, adjust the height of the ground wheel. (8) Adjustment of seeding rate. The machine adopts a vertical seeding plate, according to the requirements of different crops and varieties, the desired number of holes can be selected from the seeding amount transformation table and the sprockets can be seeded. Because the landslide ratio is related to soil quality and soil moisture, it should be tested in the field after adjustment. If the spacing does not meet the requirements, re-sprockets can be re-tested until the requirements are met. (9) Adjust the amount of fertilizer. Adjust the working length of the outer sheave to the appropriate, rotate the ground wheel for 10 laps and weigh out the amount of fertilizer discharged from each row of fertilizers. If the working length of the outer sheave is not adjusted in accordance with the requirements, repeat the above test until the requirements are met. Adjust the position of the adjusting nut after adjustment. (10) Adjustment of sowing and fertilizing depth. The high speed of the sowing depth is achieved by changing the relative height of the opener, and it can be achieved at a suitable depth. The depth of fertilization can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the deep spade. (11) Adjustment when sowing corn. When sowing corn, look backwards and forwards, loosen the springs on the rear beam, and the three sowing bodies on the left side of the rack are moved 55mm to the left; the left side is equipped with a blind disk and the right side is equipped with a corn. The three sowing bodies on the right side of the rack moved 55 mm to the right; the right side was fitted with a blind disk and the left side was fitted with a corn tray. The repressor wheel was adjusted using the front six orifice plates so that the repressor wheel was aligned with the Seedling belt. 2. Maintenance Points (1) After each shift, check thoroughly whether bolts and nuts are loose at each location. If loose, tighten them in time. (2) Clean out the dirt and debris in each working part in time, and lubricate each lubrication part in time. (3) Check regularly whether the seeding tubes and fertilizer pipes are obstructed and clean them up if necessary. (4) Frequently inspect the row of fertilizer tubes for damage and leakage, and remove fertilizers after each shift to prevent corrosion. (5) Before the shift, check if the position of the clearing device is correct and if the tightening nut is loose. During the sowing process, the debris on the seeding tray hole should be cleaned. (6) Each bearing clearance should be inspected after each operating quarter. If it is too large, it should be adjusted or replaced. (7) After the operation is completed, the fertilizers and seeds in the row fertilizers and seeders shall be cleaned, the dirt and debris on the surface of the equipment shall be cleaned, and the surfaces of the joint parts such as working parts, bolts and nuts and adjustment parts shall be coated with rust prevention. Oil, add grease to the corresponding lubrication points, and remove the fan, the middle pulley, the overrunning clutch assembly, the V-belt, the drive chain, the suction pipe, and the seed tray.


Robinia Pseudoacacia,Sophora Xanthantha,White Tephrosia,Pigeon Pea

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