Cold Green Fighter F1

This breed is a high-cold cold-resistant hybrid of the first generation in the new century. It uses the hybrid lee and male inbred lines and the inbred lines under high-climate conditions. The average temperature of the month is 4°C, and the minimum temperature is below zero. At 7°C, the average daily growth rate is more than 1cm), which is the latest variety of leeks cultivated in greenhouses, plastics, sheds, protected areas and open fields. The plant height is about 50cm, the plant stands upright, the leaves are dark green, the hypertrophy is wide, the plant type is neat, the growth is strong and rapid, and harvesting takes about 20 days. Maximum leaf width 2.2cm, maximum single plant weight 60g, fine and small fiber content, spicy and fresh taste, high resistance to disease, anti-aging, strong tillering ability, annual single planting 9 or so, three-year single planting up to 45 One year, the open field harvested 7-8 knives per year, and about 25,000 kilograms of fresh tadpoles were harvested. Protected land is harvested and harvested 10-12 knives per year, 22000 kg per mu per annum, planted in 3-6 months or planted in direct seeding, planting spacing 15cm20cm, 3-5 plants per hole, 1.25kg per mu, protected land Mu seed amount 2.25kg. Quality Standard: Purity 98% Clarity 99% Bud Rate 85% Moisture 8% Net Weight 250g Implementation Standards: GB8079-87 Business License: Yu (Fu) Agricultural Seeds and Fertilizers (2001) No. 024 Production License: Yu ( Supporting Agricultural Characters (2001) No. 085 Business License - 29 Special Note: 1. This seed is a hybrid and cannot be used any longer. 2. When planting, please pay attention to the time of planting, selection and cultivation methods. 3, due to the complex genetic factors of the seed, and the climate and culture conditions have a great impact on the results of cultivation, so the results after sowing will not bear the responsibility of the price. Company Name Henan Weigou County Weicai Research Institute

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