Torch flower (Figure)

Jiahe Torch Flower, alias Firebrand Lotus, Liliaceae Torch is a perennial herb. Plant height 80 to 120 cm, stem erect. The racemes produce hundreds of tubular florets. They are torch-shaped, corolla orange and flowering from June to July. Hi warm, should grow in loose fertile sandy loam soil. Can be planted on the lawn or planted next to the rockery for use as a backdrop.

This is a Cognitive Rehabilitation Equipment, by turning the boring learning content into interesting forms like games, animation, pronunciation, etc., children can unknowingly learn knowledge and exercise their skills

Cognitive communication training system including intelligence, AAC auxiliary communication training board, qi hui cognitive training system and speech training card induced by the lead of others, and education, and adopt comprehensive rehabilitation method, let the children actively training, through vivid and interesting game and practice, so as to stimulate a interest, improve the ability of attention, participation, improve the learning efficiency, so as to achieve the goal of training the cognitive function. It is a set of intellectual development software for children with strong knowledge and interest. It scientifically selects a variety of exquisite and colorful pictures and animations of fruits, vegetables and animals suitable for children's observation and recognition. It is full of children's interesting stories and easy to understand children's songs.

Cognitive Rehabilitation Equipment

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