Guan Guo Jia Hui - gold red beads

Gold red bead, also known as tiger tongue red, red carpet, scientific name ArdisiamamillataHance, is a Zijin bovidae evergreen short dwarf shrubs of the golden genus, artificial domestication and cultivation, has successfully made this is the wild flower of the gold red bead into the hall. Jinsihongzhu has a strong negative resistance and a small plant type. It can be placed on an indoor elevated platform and on the desk for viewing all year round. The red and green leaves are beautiful and beautiful, and are therefore loved by people. Umbrellas have 7 to 15 flowers, axillary, corolla pink, flowering period from June to July; stone fruit spherical, fruit diameter 5 mm to 8 mm, early winter was bright red when ripe, red fruit 9 months. Gold red bead is mainly distributed in Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Yunnan, and it grows in the mountains and valleys under the canopy. Good temperature, moist, cool environment, avoid direct sunlight. The suitable temperature is from 16°C to 26°C, and the indoor temperature from 5°C to 8°C in the winter season is good. The open cultivation can withstand the low temperature of -3°C. Sandy soils with good permeability are generally required to grow best in fertile, moist and humus-rich soils. From April to May, 8 to 10 cm of biennial branches are cut. The incision is soaked with 100 ppm indole acetic acid. The roots can be taken from 40 days to 50 days after cutting, and can be transplanted and cultivated from 70 days to 80 days. Year of flowering results. From March to April, the plants that were sown on the stolons were cut and planted separately into independent plants. The plants thus cultivated were quickly shaped and fruit can be grown in the same year. This flower is made of seven parts of sandy soil, three parts of rot and leaves, cultivated and grown vigorously, or planted in a breathable, moist humus soil. In the southern pot, it is best to put some coarse gravel or put a foam block on the bottom of the basin to facilitate drainage and ventilation. Apply compound fertilizer or organic liquid fertilizer once a month, apply some nitrogen fertilizer during the shoot stage, and use phosphorus and potassium fertilizers as the flowering result period. It is best to spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate fertilizer and keep the trace elements in the fruit every seven days. Make the plant fruitful, branching. Gold red beads avoid direct light, shading should be more than 70% in order to grow well, it should be advised to block direct sunlight, to prevent burning the leaves. The gold red bead leaf mask is shaggy and basically has no insect pests. The leaf rot should be controlled during the rainy season. The soil loosening and ventilated bed ventilation during cultivation are the key to preventing leaf rot. When the leaf rot occurs, it is usually sprayed with 1000 times of carbendazim for 2 to 3 times; during the fruit period, it is mainly used for controlling pods, and the control effect of 500 to 600 times of methamidophos or dichlorvos is good.

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