Autumn sheep fattening method

Note that in the early autumn of grazing, the forage grass begins to grow seeds, and it is necessary to pay attention to grazing and fattening. Grazing should be kept warm in the late fall season, and grazing should be avoided in plots that have been sprayed with pesticides.

Pay attention to feeding sheep during the day to grazing, at night should be fed a moderate amount of nutritious, good palatability good feed. In the middle of each pregnancy, ewes feed 0.2 to 0.3 kg of concentrate each day, and 0.45 to 1 kg of feed is added every day during the later period. Each month of feeding ewes is replenished with 0.5 kg of concentrate each day and 0.3 kg in the middle of the feeding period. Daily feed 0.7 kg.

Pay attention to mating to enhance the ewes' physique. In the fall, you should feed more green feed or silage, so that it can keep the sensation above mid-range. For non-estrus ewes, each injection of chorionic gonadotropin 500 ~ 2000 international units, injection 1 to 3 times can be heat. In order to increase the amount of ram ejaculation, concentrate feed, animal protein and vitamins should be properly fed, and drinking water should be increased.

Pay attention to the prohibition of flat drinking on fasting drinking cold water; prevent pregnant sheep from being frightened, and do not allow it to do sprinting, skipping and other drastic activities, especially to prevent squeezing each other out of circumlunar or supplementary feeding; prohibition of immunization at the end of pregnancy.

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