Red dragon grass

Family name: Amaranthaceae Scientific name: Altemanthera Ficoidea cv. "Ruliginosa" (Red dragongrass) Iresine herbsii (Oryza sativa) Origin: Red dragongrass is a cultivar, and Yarrowia amaranth is native to Brazil. Morphology: Perennial Herbal Height Crown: 30cm-60cm30-50cm Texture: Medium to fine color: Red dragons have copper and red stems and leaves, winter flowers, milky white flowers, small spheres, resembling amaranth. The stems and leaves of Artichokes are bright red. Light: Neutral plants, 60% to 100% of sunshine can grow. Fertility suitable temperature: Red Dragon Grass 20-30 °C, 15-26 °C round-leaved yam growth characteristics: red dragon grass robust, cold and heat-resistant, drought-tolerant, sturdy, resistant to shear. Polygonum acuminata is hi and warm, moisture and shade-tolerant, and it should be shaded on flat land in summer.

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