New Flower - Chiba Grass

Chiba, also known as Chiba and Chiba, is a perennial evergreen shrub of the family Polygonaceae. Plants grow in clusters or drape. Slender stems are red-brown, leaflets are alternate, and leaves are heart-shaped or round. Its full plant shape, branches and leaves, with a high ornamental value, suitable for hanging pots planted or placed on top of several racks, cupboard top, stems and leaves naturally sagging, covering the entire flower pot, like a green ball, very nice . Chiba grasslands produce New Zealand, strong habits, hi warm and humid environment, can grow normally in sunny and semi-shade, with strong cold resistance, winter can withstand low temperatures around 0 °C, but to avoid the direct fall of frost On the plant, and to reduce watering, if the roots are soaked in water, it will cause rot and damage the plant. During the growing season, the soil and air are kept moist to avoid being too dry. Otherwise, the leaves will dry out and fall off. Apply a thin liquid fertilizer or special fertilizer for foliage plants once a month. Pay attention to ventilation in summer and shading properly to prevent sun exposure. To change the basin every spring, it is advisable to use sandy soil with rich humus, loose fertility and good drainage permeability. During the germination, the plants are pruned once and the long, dense shoots and some old branches are cut off, and many new shoots are sprouted at the nodes to make the plant more plump. Because of the rapid growth of Chiba, it is necessary to reshape it regularly in order to cut off the branches that affect the plant shape in order to maintain the appearance. Chiba grass can be bred in combination with wadding, cuttings can be cut during the growing season or when using pruning in spring. The cutting time must be kept away from the high temperatures in summer and the cold season in winter. It is easy to take root. "Countryside Career" 2004.11

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