Latin name: Charybdis japonica (A.Milne-Edwards)
English name: shore swimming crab
Common name: Stone Claw Climbing, Chigami Red Mesh: The origin and production period of the crab crab family:
Living on the low tide line, there are plants under the muddy sand or rocks. One of the crabs for Zhoushan.
The head breastplate has a horizontal oval shape with a raised surface and grayish green. A width of 6 to 10 cm.

Microcirculation Microscope:

The micro circulation is by blood, the lymph and tissue fluid flowing which directly participates in the organization, the cell matter, the energy, the information transmission . May directly observe the blood flows in the thin artery, the blood capillary, and the thin vein through the micro circulation microscope , but if it does not do the special handling is that cannot see clearly the lymph and tissue fluid mobile, therefore, on clinical usually thought the micro circulation refers to the blood micro circulation in the blood capillary. Directly the blood, the lymph, tissue fluid flowing which participating in the matter, the information, the energy transmission of organization, and the cell , is called the micro circulation.

The Nailfold Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope is an advance medical photoelectric apparatus,equipped with built in special LED light source,used mainly in observation on human nail fold capillary microcirculation or term as video Nailfold capillaroscopy,Such as capillary blood flow, abnormal microcirculation of the vascular structure, cell adhesion, through its powerful optical magnification. Undistorted, real time dynamic video streaming via Sony CCD imaging device onto the LCD monitor screen.

Simply insert the finger to the holder below the optical lens apparatus, fine-tune to fix the focal length and uncover the desired images within seconds.Blood capilliary microcirculation microscope is a non-invasive diagnostic tools, which is gaining large credit among physicians of different specialities in for study of skin blood capilliary network.

10 Inch Micirculation Microscope

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