Tobacco Floating Seedling Transplanting Technology

There are many tobacco transplanting procedures and they are technically strong. Digging pits and fertilizing should be done well before transplanting. Floating seedlings are a kind of seedling raising method that uses matrix carrier to float on the surface of nutrient solution. When seedlings are transplanted and transplanted, the root system is basically bare, and the base fertilizer should be applied in a positioning ring or strip method to avoid excessive fertilizer concentration near the root of tobacco seedlings. Or the roots are in direct contact with the fertilizer, causing burning of seedlings or inhibiting the growth of tobacco seedlings. When transplanting tobacco floating seedlings, we must ensure the quality of transplanting (transplantation quality mainly refers to the setting of rooting water, no harm to fertilizers, erecting of seedlings when transplanting, proper soiling, tobacco seedlings, etc.), and special attention should be paid to Do the following.

Focus on transplanting uniform transplanting time, focus on contiguous, transplanting in a short period of time to ensure the growth of tobacco seedlings.

Moderate deep pit digging should be carried out according to the local determined spacing. When digging, use a marked rope or ruler to dig the pit so that the distance between the pit and the pit is the same, so that the vegetative area and volume of the growth of each tobacco seedling are basically the same, and the growth is even and orderly. The pits have to be dug deeper, so that the seedlings can be planted deeply and their seedlings can be made to grow faster and longer.

Carefully take seedlings and transport seedlings when taking seedlings, we must eliminate seedlings and weak seedlings with pests and diseases, and choose the same size and robust seedlings. The development of tobacco seedling root system, strong resistance, and high survival rate are the basis for ensuring the orderly growth of tobacco. It is more convenient for floating seedlings to take seedlings and transport seedlings, as long as the seedling trays are taken out of the floating pool and transported to the tobacco land on the transportation means can be transplanted. During the transportation of tobacco seedlings, we must pay attention to cover the roots of tobacco seedlings with plastic film, and then cover them with thicker shades to prevent sun exposure, so as to avoid excessive evaporation of water from tobacco seedlings, which will make it difficult to survive after transplanting. At the same time, avoid transplanting at noon in order to prevent tobacco seedlings from losing too much water and extending the time of seedlings. In addition to control the seedling age, transplanting the appropriate age.

When properly planting and transplanting enough roots to transplant water, the stems of tobacco seedlings should be buried more than 5 cm above the ground. This will not only enhance their ability to resist drought but also promote the growth of their adventitious roots. The seedling planting depth of tobacco seedlings is preferably 5-8 cm above the soil surface. After covering the soil, water around the seedlings with a radius of about 10 cm. Due to the fact that the medium attached to the root of the floating seedlings is far less than the amount of soil in the nutrition bag seedlings, the amount of watering during transplanting should be more than that of the nutrition bag seedlings. When the climate is dry and the irrigation conditions are poor during transplanting, the amount of water before transplanting should be increased. Watering in the pit before transplanting once, when transplanting, when the water in the pit has not been infiltrated, it will be planted with tobacco seedlings, which is called deep water planting. This method has better drought resistance effect. After transplanting tobacco floating seedlings, they must be covered with nutrient soil or fully cooked manure or straw, which is not only beneficial to drought resistance, but also conducive to the growth and development of lateral roots of tobacco seedlings. Proper deep planting, pouring enough water to help the formation of a large root system of tobacco seedlings, but also promote the early emergence of tobacco seedlings in the field.

Check seedlings to fill the gaps and weak seedlings, seedlings to focus on management in the 7 days after transplanting seedlings to fill the gap. When conducting seedling inspections in the field, it was found that the seedlings of the same species must be replanted in the same time to prepare the seedlings of the same species. Weak signs and signs should be found on the weak seedlings and the seedlings. They should be managed with emphasis on the management of the seedlings as soon as possible to catch up with other tobacco seedlings to ensure that the whole field smokes. The plants are of the same size and grow neatly, which lays a good foundation for the formation of suitable groups and strong individuals.

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