The old apple orchard is good for replacement

The old orchard replacement varieties are suitable for selection of middle and early-maturing varieties of glaucous and red generals. Because the soil and the climate here are suitable for the growth of the Dalai and Red generals, the market is promising.

Gala Apple has both the advantages of Marshal and Marshal. The results of young trees are early, the fruit set rate is high, the high yield is stable, and the management is easy. The first is to strengthen fertilizer and water management, apply organic fertilizer in the autumn, fill the overwintering water, and chase after the swelling fertilizer, and the straw covers the tightly-preserved water; secondly, early flowering and strict set fruit, and the self-fruiting rate of the glazed apple is low, and should be under good pollination conditions. Early flowering and fruiting, as far as possible reduce the proportion of axillary buds; the third is the use of slender spindle-shaped tree structure, the results pay attention to shortening and updating the weak branches, try to use results from 2 to 4 years of fruiting branches; Fourth, dryland cultivation If the fruit size is small, the use of the stock has a higher rate of cultivation.

Red General’s apple was listed early, about 30-40 days ahead of Red Fuji, filling the market gap. Red general apple is better than Red Fuji in its cold resistance, disease resistance and drought resistance. The introduction of seedlings after planting generally begins in three years and yields in the fifth year. The quickest way is to change the old varieties and change heads. This year, the results of the second year will be changed. In the third year, there will be output.

The surface is slightly sugary, the color is fresh and crisp, sweet and refreshing, the original fruit flavor is rich, the color, fragrance, taste and shape are good. The representative products mainly include plum series products, as well as sugar bergamot, honey citrus, fig and so on. Back sand products, dry surface, slightly icing sugar, fresh color, chic shape, crispy entrance, sweet taste, representative products have jujube series products, as well as golden silk kumquat, sugar bayberry, sugar cherry, etc.

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