Current field management points

At present, the field management of autumn crops in the summer has entered a critical period.

In corn management. It is imperative to do a good job of seedlings, seedlings, reasonable planting density, dense and compact varieties 4000-4700 strains / acre, large ear varieties 3200-3700 strains / acre, high yield fields can increase 500 strains / acre or so. To scientifically manage the fertilizer, organic fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, etc. are used up before the jointing of corn; nitrogen fertilizer is applied in stages; the total amount of nitrogen fertilizer is about 30% of the seedling fertilizer before jointing, and the total amount of nitrogen fertilizer is applied during the big bell mouth period of corn. About 50% of panicle fertilizer was applied to grain fertilizer with a total amount of nitrogen fertilizer of about 20% during the grain filling stage.

In peanut management. It is imperative that wheat be covered with peanuts as soon as possible, and combine with cultivator to kill crops in time, topdressing with fertilizer, 1000 kg of earth-fertilizer, 20 kg of urea, 7-8 kg of phosphorus pentoxide, and 6-7 kg of potassium oxide. To be reasonably controlled, when the main stem height reached 30 cm in the initial stage, 20-25 g of Zhuang Buenan WP was used per mu, or 40-50 g of uniconazole was added, and 40-50 kg of water was added for foliar spraying. To prevent plant growth or lodging, combined with chemical spraying foliar fertilizer.

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