Take measures to prevent ewes from emptying and abortion

During the process of grazing, the ewes are vulnerable to miscarriage and miscarriage due to improper breeding and colliding with the flock. Therefore, if Yangyang households want to improve economic efficiency, they must adopt the following six measures:

To choose a good ram

The advantages and disadvantages of ram varieties are the basis for ensuring the ewes' excellent pregnancy. The protein nutrition of the ram determines the density of the sperm and the vitality of the sperm. Therefore, it is necessary to provide full-price nutrition for rams, in particular to ensure the need for ram protein and vitamins, and increase the amount of drinking water to increase the amount of ram ejaculation. The rams who are not sexually active can also be treated with drugs. The use of earthworm 10 grams and epimedium 10 grams of powdered lacquer are effective. The ram with few or no spermatozoa should appropriately increase animal protein feed. Feeding more legume legumes and supplementing 150 to 200 grams of millet every day can all receive better results.

Ensuring estrus in ewes

Feeding more green feed and silage can promote normal estrus in ewe. For ewes with no obvious estrus or heat, artificial aspiration can be performed. Each injection of pregnant horse serum 8 ~ 10 ml, injection 1 ~ 3 times. Chorionic gonadotropin can also be injected, each injection of 500 ~ 2000 international units, according to the situation of injection 1 ~ 3 times.

Grasping the trial work

The ram must have a strong sexual desire and have a physical fitness and sensation above the average. The chest of the ram was painted with oil. When it climbed across the ewes, the hen's hindquarters were painted with oil to identify the ewes; they could also use the test cloths and toners. Try rams to find estrus.

Improve breeding techniques

Strict implementation of all operating procedures of artificial insemination technology; to remove womb suffering from uterine disease, serious treatment, and then transferred to the distribution of the population.

Do a good job of tire protection

The pregnant ewes must not be fed feeds that have become mildewed or degraded, grazing on the ground where frostweed is found, and not drinking water with hail; when grazing, do not cross the ditch, and do not fight cold whips; Crowded and mechanical abortion.

Prevent medical abortion

For sick ewes, do not give a lot of purgatives, diuretics, uterine constrictors or other potent drugs to avoid miscarriage due to improper use.

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1. Goji berries are naturally picked, fresh and pressed, with high nutrition

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The widespread application of goji juice benefits has promoted the development of the wolfberry production industry, and news about the production of goji juice benefits has frequently attracted great attention. The reason why goji juice benefits sold on the market has such a high sales volume is not only because goji berries are naturally picked and freshly pressed and have high nutrition, but also because it is made by bus sterilization to ensure safe drinking, and it can also preserve goji berries intact. The biological activity.

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