Is eating eggplant harmful to the body after entering the fall?

Autumn refers to the three months from the beginning of autumn to the beginning of winter, and autumn is characterized by the transformation of heat from cold to yang. Hu Bin, a state-level doctor at the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in the autumn, the air is dry, the air temperature is gradually reduced, the humidity is gradually reduced, the weather is hot and cold, and the change is rapid. Therefore, food and health care should be based on moistening dry Qi.

Autumn should be tonic diet

Hu Bin said that in autumn, the climate is cool. At this time, the five internal organs belong to the lungs. The pungent smell of food in the five flavors spreads out of lungs. The diet principle should be “Ganping-based”, that is, eat more foods that have the function of clearing the liver and eat less acidic foods. . The traditional medicine of the motherland believes that if you eat more acid in the autumn, you will lose your spleen and cause irregularities in the five organs. However, if you eat more foods, you can increase spleen activity and coordinate liver and spleen activities.

Edible peony, pumpkin, lotus seeds, longan, black sesame, red dates, walnuts and so on. White can lower blood fat, antipyretic toxins, and benefit two; pumpkins can moisten the lungs and qi, relieve pain and tocolysis; lotuses benefit the spleen to nourish the heart, solid fine diarrhea, appetizers sedative; Guiyuan anemia, neurasthenia, postpartum blood deficiency; black Sesame Bufei help the spleen, laxative, benefit the skin; red dates, spleen and stomach, Anzhongyiqi, blood and Yin; walnut kidney nourishing, Runfei Run muscle, prevention and treatment of neurasthenia and low back pain.

Hu Bin believes that eating in autumn should not be too complicated for every meal. This is because the body's yang is debilitating and the stomach is weak. Each meal eats a wide variety of foods that are not easy to digest and can easily cause stomach problems. Elderly people with weak stomach, Yi Shi warm cooked soft food.

Autumn diet mix

Tian Sufei, the chief dietitian of the nutrition department of the Chinese Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the autumn weather gradually cools down and the autumn winds together; the rain decreases, the temperature drops, and the climate becomes dry. The human body will experience some “Qiuzao” reactions. At this time, dietary nutrition should be eaten with lightness. Nourishing liver function food.

Staple food: can eat rice, wheat, glutinous rice, and then eat pine nuts porridge, can prevent the autumn dryness cough, dry bowel constipation; non-staple food can eat fish, beef, black bone chicken, eggs, soy products; vegetables can eat Celery, bean sprouts, radish, wax gourd, tomatoes, alfalfa, spinach, leeks, cauliflower, carrots, clams, clams, pumpkins, cabbage, cabbage, etc.; 0

It is important to eat abundant food in autumn because it not only supplements summer consumption but also prepares for wintering, but it cannot eat too much. To prevent excessive intake of calories, reasonable arrangements should be made to balance the diet. In addition, the autumn diet should eat less spicy stimulation, fried, barbecue food, and not eat raw cold, dirty foods so as not to cause diarrhea.

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