Matrix selection criteria

Matrix selection criteria Whether it is the production of vegetables or flower seedlings, the nursery substrate is a key factor in the production of high quality products. The function of the nursery substrate should be similar to that of the soil so that the plant can better adapt to the environment and grow rapidly. In the selection of nursery substrates, the following criteria should be followed:
1, consider from the ecological environment. It is required that the nursery substrate is essentially free of living germs and eggs and contains no or as little harmful substances as possible to prevent it from contaminating the environment and the food chain as it enters the growing field. In order to meet this standard, the nursery substrate should be rapidly fermented by the Kinpo Matrix Fermentation Aid to achieve the purpose of sterilizing, killing and removing eggs.
2, nursery substrate should have similar functions with the soil. The matrix is ​​more conducive to plant growth than the soil in terms of nutritional conditions and growth environment. However, it still needs to have other functions of the soil, such as facilitating the winding of the roots (in order to facilitate cocoons) and better water retention. .
3, nursery matrix to prepare organic, inorganic composite matrix as well. When formulating the nursery substrate, care should be taken to scientifically and logically combine the organic matrix and the inorganic matrix to better regulate the aeration, moisture, and nutritional status of the nursery substrate. one of them
4. Choose to use a light source that is rich in local resources and inexpensive. In the application of plug seedling technology, how to choose the seedling substrate is the primary issue related to the cost of nursery and the quality of seedlings. Under normal circumstances, local light-matrix resources suitable for plug seedlings should be fully excavated and used, and the cost of seedling substrates should be reduced, thereby reducing the selling price of plug seedlings. According to the actual situation in each place, carbonized rice husks, cottonseed hulls, sawdust, vermiculite, perlite and other inexpensive substrates are used as the tray seedling substrate. Details can visit the website or consult.

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