Laboratory essential equipment

Laboratory essential equipment

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Low temperature circulation pump

Model: DC-5/10



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Intestinal localization was administered to reduce adverse effects.

Targeted site-specific release:

Two hours in gastric juice will not disintegrate or crack, dissolve within thirty minutes of disintegrating juice, providing a perfect solution for protein and peptide drugs and probiotics.

Enteric coated gelatin hollow capsule is made of gelatin and enteric coating material in gastric juice it will not collapse, but will release in the intestines as a collapse of a target product . It is often used for special packaging of drugs and health cae products which are irritating to the stomach or unstable under acid, or dissolved and effected in the intestine.

Intestinal location administration can improve the efficacy of drugs, reduce the dose and the adverse reaction, brings the convenience to patients. Moreover , it can avoid the degradation of gral protein, polypeptide or health care products and provide the best absorption sites for them.

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