Fertigation technology will be further promoted

"We will further promote the use of internationally advanced irrigation and fertilization technologies and will apply for special projects for water-saving agricultural technology," the report said. This is the "Irrigation of China," which was recently held by Xia Jingyuan, director of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture. The International Seminar on Fertilization Strategy was disclosed.

According to reports, China is the world's largest producer and consumer of fertilizers, and now it consumes more than 44 million tons of fertilizer annually. However, according to estimates by the China Agricultural University's College of Resources and Environment, the utilization rate of fertilizers in China is only 25%-30%. The loss of chemical fertilizers not only causes great waste of resources, but also seriously pollutes the environment.

At the same time, China is also a country with a shortage of water resources. In normal years, agriculture has a water shortage of more than 3 billion cubic meters. According to estimates by related departments, the average utilization rate of irrigation water in China is only 43%, and the agricultural output per cubic meter of water is only 0.83 kg, which is 30% lower than the world average.

Experts believe that improving the utilization rate of water and fertilizer is a problem that needs to be solved urgently in China. However, the best technology for increasing the utilization rate of water and fertilizer resources in the world today is fertigation technology. As a modern agricultural technology that combines water and fertilizer supply through irrigation, irrigation fertilization technology can not only realize the intensive use of water and fertilizer resources, but also maximize the crop yield by precisely controlling the amount of irrigation, the amount of fertilizers, and the time of irrigation and fertilization. And the quality is optimized, and at the same time it has the least pollution to the environment.

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