Broiler rearing management

First, prepare before brooding. Before entering the brood, you should make preparations carefully and thoroughly. (1) According to the production capacity of the chicken house and its economic conditions, a hatching plan and a full-year production plan are reasonably formulated. Generally, 4-5 batches can be raised each year. (2) The brooding room is kept warm and dry, and the light and ventilation conditions are good, which facilitates management and prevention of epidemics. Before entering the brood, maintain the brooding house and check the maintenance circuit. (3) Insulation equipment is one of the key factors to ensure the success of brooding. Check whether the lighting and ventilation equipment are normal, and whether the drinking fountains and drums are ready. (4) The litter for ground brooding should be disinfected and dried before use. The litter (wood shavings, sawnwood, short wheat bran) should be dry, absorbent, soft, odor free, and free of mildew. (5) 5-6 days before hatching, 20 g of potassium permanganate and 40 ml of formalin (or formalin heating and vaporization) are used for fumigation and disinfection in each cubic meter of chicken house. After 24 hours, windows and doors are opened for ventilation. . Drinkers, drums are soaked with fresh potassium permanganate solution or benzalkonium bromide solution, rinsed and dried before use. Prepare brooding feeds, medicines, vaccines and syringes, sprayers, droppers, thermometers, buckets, log sheets, etc. Warm up and debug one day before entering the chicks to ensure the temperature of the brooding room.

Second, chickens. Excellent seed quality chicks are the prerequisite for an ideal feeding benefit. When purchasing chicks, we must choose a certain scale, breeding environment, breeders pure, healthy and disease-free, with "special breeder breeding poultry business license" and introduction certification, and can provide technical services in the breeder farm. The chicks of the right-aged chicken breeds with good growth and development, significant breed characteristics, excellent production performance, full spirit, and health and disease-free were selected. Choosing chicks with normal, concentrated, and tidy hatching time, premature or late hatching is caused by poor egg quality or improper hatching temperature, and it is difficult to raise. The healthy chicks are lively and loving, they have great eyes and eyes, and they are sensitive. They grasp and struggle in their hands. The abdomen is of medium size, soft and well-absorbed by the umbilicus. The hairless area is small and covered by the surrounding villi; the anal area is clean and the villi are dry and dense. Weak chicks, sick chicks or cripples show drowsy, low head, eyes closed, unresponsive, and struggle in the hands of weakness; umbilical malabsorption, blood, large hairless area, abdomen enlargement, color is not normal; anal area stained Feces, damp, scarce; leg claws abnormal, lame, eye diseases.

Third, feeding and management. Select a feed that has a certain scale, strong technical strength, standardized management and good reputation from feed manufacturers. Feeding methods include litter leveling, on-line flat raising, and cage raising, which should be “all in and out”. Online flat-raising can use steel, wood, bamboo poles and other brackets, 70-80 cm high from the ground, laying plastic nets or barbed wire, and set up ground working channels. The advantages of online online raising are: saving feed and facilitating the collection of chicken manure; significantly reducing coccidiosis, E. coli disease, salmonellosis, chronic respiratory disease, poultry cholera and ascites, increasing survival rate, reducing medical costs and drug residues , improve product quality and economic benefits; easy to control chicken house temperature, humidity and ventilation, increase breeding density, and even use 2-3 layer feeding; as most of the feeding and management work in the working channel, can reduce stress, Easy to sanitize.

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