Green shell layer chicken breeding

Wide variety of food habits, fast growth Green shell layer chickens like to eat whole grains, grass, grass and green leaves, etc., using ordinary feed plus grass, leaves can be fed. General grass feeds account for about 30% of their diets, saving 50% of feed compared to ordinary chickens. Green shell laying hens from the shell to 3 months of age, weighing up to 1.2 kg. 2, adaptability, feeding a wide range of green shell layer chickens in the natural ecological environment conditions, strong adaptability, disease resistance, has a strong cold and heat resistance, where the chicken can be raised areas can raise the green shell Egg chicken. 3. Strong disease resistance, high survival rate The fertility rate and hatching rate of green shell layer chickens are all about 85%, and the brooding rate and the breeding rate can reach 90%. 4, easy to raise, economic benefits high green shell layer chicken temperament is extremely mild, not good fight, like to live in groups, no flying ability, no quail eggs and other evil spirits, not only suitable for factory cage and shed raising, but also suitable for orchards, Hillside stocking and captivity are also suitable for backyard farming. The chicken has fast growth, excellent meat quality, high yield, grain saving, high efficiency, and obvious economic benefits.
3. Sales Prospects: Under good husbandry and management, each green shell layer can produce 180 eggs each year, and 50 groups (1 to 5 mothers per group) can be produced. The annual egg production capacity is 45,000, and at least 65,000 can be profited. yuan. The appearance of green shell layers meets the rapid demand for natural health foods and satisfies the people's need for a healthy and nutritious life. Especially after joining the WTO, the green shell layer chicken will be a big step for China's premium native products. Going abroad, this is a golden opportunity. Experts predict that green shell eggs will be difficult to saturate within ten years, and will gradually replace ordinary eggs, the market has great potential, breeding prospects are very attractive, is a breeding enthusiast, laid-off workers the preferred project!
Fourth, training technology, preferential provision of chicken seedlings: The Association of farmers for free technical training and breeding bases for learning to learn, at a far lower price than the market price of chicken eggs and egg recycling, for the lives of farmers Send a "cornucopia"!
If you are a consumer, you may wish to buy some tastings and you will definitely enhance your fitness. If you are a farmer, you may want to try some things and be sure to become a way to get rich!

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