Prevention and treatment methods of Hongli Licao hoeing

As a colored leaf plant, Hongye Li has beautiful flowers and leaves in the growing season. The color effect of group planting is obvious and it is widely used in gardens. However, with the application of planting and group planting, the occurrence of red leaf, grass, and grasshoppers is also more common, so that the host plant, the red leaf plum, loses its nutrients and suffers serious water loss. The damaged leaves often present with small yellow spots and fall off early in the future. After the young shoots and tender shoots are damaged, the growth of the young shoots causes them to wither. The aphids are in danger and discharge a lot of honeydew at the same time. This causes the occurrence of coal pollution, weakening the leaves or preventing photosynthetic use, causing serious damage to the plants, and weakened tree vigor. Finally died.

The prevention and treatment of grass filaria

The principle of prevention and control is based on the principle of “prevention as the mainstay and comprehensive prevention and control”, focusing on the prevention and control of gardening technical measures. After observation, exploration and prevention in recent years, we often use the following prevention and control methods:

1. Strengthen the quarantine grass camp camping fixed life, easy to disseminate with the seedlings to spread to its place, so when transporting planting seedlings should strengthen the quarantine measures, found that insects should be treated in time, a large number of chemical control, the number of hours available Manual scraping ensures that seedlings are planted without pests and enter the construction site, otherwise they must be burned centrally.

2. Garden Control Grass hoe and hoe like planting seedlings that are densely planted and flourishing, and actively prevent them by using gardening techniques to change and create environments that are detrimental to the occurrence of scale insects.

In day-to-day management, it is possible to use the winter and early spring to trim and prune the red-leaved plums, combine pruning, and cut off some of the worm-eaten branches to burn them in order to reduce the number of overwintering populations.

For individual plants that grow too profusely and branches and leaves are closed, local pruning is carried out to improve ventilation and light transmission, change the habitat conditions of the beetles, thereby reducing the damage of the beetles, and cutting the branches to burn them together.

For aphids on individual shoots or leaves, they can be scraped off with a soft brush, bamboo, etc. After the body is scraped or damaged, it loses its ability to reproduce.

In March, the nymphs will be glued with plastic shells around the trunk at the base of the tree before the nymphs are placed on the tree. Before the nymphs are put on the plastic ring, the bark must be scraped or the gap in the ring mouth must be sealed with wet mud to prevent the insects from drilling through the gap. A plastic ring about 20 cm wide is wound about 1 meter so that the plastic film is in line with the trunk and the surface is smooth, and then evenly coated with viscose.

3. Chemical control agents Chemical control is a more effective method used when there is a large amount of locust infestation and serious harm. Targeting the characteristics of waxy layer on the body surface of locusts, grasp the appropriate period of prevention and control, choose the breakthrough point for prevention and control, and choose to have a systemic suction effect. Pharmacy, to achieve the best control effect.

Nymphs before the tree, in the trunk close to the trunk around the trunk of 25% carbaryl wettable powder can also be applied to the base of the trunk brushing organic phosphorus 1000 times solvent to the trunk 1 meter to stop the nymphs on the tree.

For tree nymphs, hold the hatching spray for a period of 7 to 10 days and spray 2 to 3 times. We often use more effective agents to kill 1500 times liquid, sharp wolfberry 3000 times liquid, smooth 1500 times liquid, and meticulous hand 2000 times liquid. When spraying, we must make the liquid fully contact the worm body.

In winter, 3 to 5 Baume degrees lime sulfur can be sprayed, and 10 to 15 times liquid pine oil mixture can be used to eliminate overwintering females and nymphs.

The above methods should be applied to each other in a comprehensive manner. In various periods, they have their own focuses, so as to better solve the problem of the damage caused by Hongye Li on the grass.

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