Spring Pleurotus eryngii can grow more mushrooms

Control the environment as much as possible to maintain the ambient temperature within the growth range, Pleurotus eryngii growth temperature of 6 °C ~ 25 °C. At 6 °C ~ 15 °C when the growth of mushroom body is slow, but the mushroom body is fine, beautiful color, can cultivate high quality mushrooms.

Bud management must be enhanced ventilation, in order to promote the growth of cap, inhibit stipe growth. Second, to reduce the amount of water used, mushroom water consumption is too much, will cause the mushroom body surface produces darker stripes or cracks, thereby affecting the quality.

Harvesting mushrooms 3 to 5 days in advance can maintain the whiteness of the mushrooms and prevent yellowing of the mushrooms during storage and transportation.

Harvesting standard Fruit body of Pleurotus eryngii is suitable for harvesting at the time of maturity. At this time, the appearance of the mushroom body is dense and elastic. The rim of the mushroom cover is hemispherical and the pleats have not yet formed. Flattened cap, pleat formation, and harvesting near maturity will reduce quality and shorten the shelf life.

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