Taiwan developed a nano-gold ball, a drop of blood, tumor cell transfer

Release date: 2009-03-03

Recently, Professor Lin Zhisheng from the Department of Biotechnology, Department of Biology, Taiwan Jiaotong University, and the student team developed the “Nano Golden Ball Bioassay Platform”, which can detect the possibility of tumor cell metastasis with only one drop of blood and a few minutes. Some key technologies have been applied. patent. The nano-gold ball bio-detection platform has the advantages of short detection time, high sensitivity, low cost, and simple detection. In the future, it can be developed into a biomedical test product such as home-style blood glucose test. In addition, it can also be screened as a "matrix metalloproteinase" activity-inhibiting compound, and such compounds have potential to be developed as drugs for preventing tumor cell metastasis.

According to Lin Zhisheng, the enzymes of "matrix metalloproteinases" affect the formation and metastasis of tumor cells, so changes in the activity of such enzymes in the blood can be an important basis for detecting cancer cells. He said that the "enzymatic profiling method", which is currently used for matrix metalloproteinase activity analysis, has long analysis time and low sensitivity, so it is only suitable for testing in laboratories or hospitals. Therefore, he and the student team used the "nano gold ball" to construct a new optical bio-detection platform to measure the matrix metalloproteinase activity in the blood. Because the nano-gold sphere has a spherical shape and a large surface area, the detection sensitivity and detection limit can be greatly improved. . Lin Zhisheng and others have won a lot of recognition for the study of nanogold balls. Lin Zhisheng said that the future research team will continue to develop various home-based rapid detection technologies based on the "nano-gold ball", and hope that through cross-disciplinary research, everyone can keep abreast of their own health.

It is understood that the tumor is a group of cells with relatively independent proliferation ability due to hereditary changes in the body tissues, also known as new organisms. Tumor tissue is composed of cancer cells and interstitial cells, which are abnormally proliferating cells transformed by normal cells. Tumors can occur in many organs and tissues of the human body. The success of this research technology has facilitated the diagnosis of cancer.
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