Using biological methods to control vegetable sclerotia

A small Bacillus subtilis selected from the crop rhizosphere soil can become a nemesis of vegetable sclerotinia. The Institute of Applied Microbiology, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, has achieved success with biological control methods for the treatment of Sclerotinia. Recently, this biological control method with leading domestic level passed the provincial appraisal and was listed as a key promotion project in Heilongjiang Province. Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is a kind of vegetable fungal disease which is easy to occur under high temperature, high rainfall and high humidity environment. It often causes the stems and leaves of vegetables to die, the production can be reduced by up to 30%, and up to 50% when severe. In greenhouse vegetables such as cucumbers, Beans, canola, and lettuce are common occurrences, and they have also occurred in Daejeon vegetables in recent years. In the past, chemical pesticides were generally used for prevention and control. Although they have achieved certain results, their negative effects have become increasingly serious, such as pesticide residues, environmental pollution, and increasingly severe drug resistance. Is it possible to solve this problem with biological control methods? That is, killing harmful bacteria with a beneficial bacteria will not cause negative effects on crops and the environment at the same time. Zhang Shumei and others from the Bioengineering Laboratory of the Institute of Applied Microbiology, Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Sciences, began research in 1999. After a large number of tests, a strain of Bacillus subtilis was finally screened out from the crop rhizosphere soil. The strain was used as a production strain for liquid fermentation, soaked with a fermentation broth or seeded with a wettable powder to effectively control the vegetative nucleus of the vegetable. Disease, but also has the role of promoting crop growth and improving crop immunity.


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