Fishmeal processing method

Fish meal is good for livestock and poultry. The small-scale processing of fishmeal using this method is low-cost and easy to produce. First, the choice of materials used for low-value fish, shrimp, or processed fish fillets, fish canned fish head, tail, gills, viscera, etc., can be used as a force, fish meal raw materials. However, salted raw materials should not be used. Second, cooking raw materials to remove dirt and impurities, rinse with clean water, picked up drain, into a bag, into the steamer or add water to cook about 20 minutes. Third, press the cloth, add stones or other heavy objects to squeeze water. If the quantity is large, it can be squeezed by a machine and the pressure at the beginning is small. After most of the water is squeezed out, it is gradually pressurized until it is pressed dry. 4. Dry the embankment after pressing and drying evenly and dry it on the dry sheet and turn it often to dry it in time (water content below 12%) to avoid deterioration. 5. Crush and crush the sun dried patty. Loading into a paper bag or linen bag is a finished product. If the amount is large, the crusher can be used for crushing. If the fishmeal is stored for a long time, it should be sunned by the factory in order to prevent moisture absorption.

Garlic Deeping Processing

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