The key technology for feeding ducks

Wild duck is the popular name of many kinds of wild ducks. Currently, the main duck is artificially raised. Wild ducks have strong adaptability, docile temperament, easy feeding, and ducks can be stocked in the wild for feeding. Compared with domestic ducks, the feed is low in cost and short in cycle. Feeding ducks for 80 to 90 days can be used to market meat ducks with high economic returns. Wild ducks are basically the same as domestic ducks in feeding and management, but there are also some different key technologies that must be mastered: One is to create a breeding environment that is suitable for the toughness of ducks. In order to keep wild ducks under home conditions, they still maintain the nature of wild birds and prevent degradation. Outdoor stocking is very important. If farms are used for rearing, half of the farmhouses will be used as a lounge and half will be used as open-air venues. The activity site is an excavated artificial pool with no water source. At the same time, some trees and grasses are planted on the playground and some algae are cultivated in the pool to create a wild environment to adapt to the toughness of the duck. In the case of raising and feeding in combination with feeding methods, the breeding sites should be selected beside the rivers and lakes, and the water areas should be open, preferably in places rich in aquatic plants. The second is feed to meet its wild food needs. When young ducks start eating, they can add a small amount of fishmeal to the feed. After feeding, they can be fed with compound feed. After 7 days of age, they should feed green feeds and small live animals such as small fish, shrimps, and quail meats. Its wild food needs, so as to play the characteristics of wild ducks. Third, timely adjustment of feed. After 30 days of age, the wild duck should reduce the protein content in the feed to 1% of the metabolic energy to 7.54 milligrams, and appropriately reduce the proportion of fishmeal and beancake, and gradually increase the roughage to 15% to 20%. At the same time to feed the green feed, such as all kinds of tea, alfalfa, grass and aquatic grass, etc., about 100 grams per duck per day, easy to grow duck skeleton, delay development and save feed. After 55 days of age, we must reduce roughage, increase fishmeal and bean cakes, increase protein by 18%, and achieve a metabolic energy of 10.89 mg. At the same time, we must also feed green feed. It should be noted that each refueling should be gradually transitioned, and sudden changes in feed should be avoided so as to avoid gastrointestinal problems and indigestion, resulting in weight loss. Fourth, we must prevent "noisy". "Noisy Shelter" refers to 60-70-day-old mallard ducks. Due to increased body fat and physiological changes, wild ducks attack wildly and stimulate flying. The ducks showed turbulence, nervousness, hunger, and sharp declines in feed intake, leading to weight loss. Prevention methods: First, limit feeding, increase the amount of roughage feed; Second, the breeder should wear plain clothes in the net, avoid wearing clothes, and the third is to avoid disturbing the duck population, especially to prevent outsiders from entering, to prevent the trigger " Noisy." Fifth, timely fattening and listing. Generally, fattening is done before and after the age of 65 days, that is, artificially forcing wild ducks to feed a large amount of high-energy feed, so that they can quickly grow meat and accumulate fat in the short-term, and can be listed on the 80-day-old and about 1 kg in weight.

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