Dried pumpkin making steps

The dried pumpkin is simple to make and convenient to eat. Its preparation method is as follows: 1. Treatment: Choose the old hard-skinned pumpkin with a harder skin, long mature period, and the flesh is orange-red, washed, stalked, cut, peeled, and seeded. Net 瓤. 2. Slices: After the squash have been processed, they are cut into circular slices approximately 5 mm thick and soaked in water for 30 minutes. 3. Drying: Put a circle of pumpkin slices evenly on a bamboo basket and let it dry for about 5 days. 4. Cooking: Place dried pumpkin slices in a steam cooker and steam for about 6 minutes. Cool quickly and spread on a bamboo sieve until the water content is below 10%. 5. Pulping: In a stainless steel pot, put a certain amount of water, boil, mix the loquat powder with cold water (the ratio of starch to water is 8~10:100), and pour it into boiling water slowly. Stir until paste is ready. 6. Sizing: Place a dry pumpkin slice in the slurry and evenly spread a layer of grout. Immediately spread on a bamboo sieve to expose to sunlight for 1 day, or spread on a baking tray. Bake in the oven and control the temperature at 55-65°C until The slurry on the surface is dry until it is sticky, and when it has a certain elasticity, natural cooling is performed. Sizing is the key to making dried pumpkin, which improves the color, texture and flavor of dried pumpkin. According to different tastes, add some sesame, sugar, orange peel and so on. 7. Packing: The cooled pumpkin slices are dried pumpkin and packaged in food plastic bags or plastic boxes.

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