The “weapons” instigated by pharmaceutical investment companies

In the pharmaceutical investment sales team often carry out various marketing contests, and reward the winners, punish the laggards, and even eliminated (the prize to the heart, the heartache of the penalty). The drug investment attraction indicated that 60 percent of the teams in the team must follow the excellent 20 percent. At the same time, the team members are full of competition. The whole team will form a positive atmosphere that is more positive than learning to mobilize, and it will greatly mobilize the marketing staff. With the passion for work, the entire team will develop in a wave-like manner so as to promote the rapid development of the company.

1, shopping malls such as the battlefield, can not blindly attack, can not blindly defend. Then take me as the mainstay, attack and defend, and wait for the opportunity to make a lightning strike. Do not take the initiative to attack, but there must be no fighter jets to avoid its edge and hit its soft underside to win. The pharmaceutical investment team pointed out that the competition is fierce and increasingly hot. You are more tired and your competitors are more tired. Your hard opponents are more bitter than you. Therefore, at every moment you insist, the other party may fall before you.

2. Team fights must not be carried out in a deliberate manner, and they must avoid individualism or heroism. It is well-known that individuals who have no success have only successful teams. In many cases, the cause of the failure of the pharmaceutical investment team comes from the arbitrariness of one or more people and their own use. No one is strong enough to fight against a strong team with his own strength.

3. The team must be brave enough to face difficulties and actively respond. In the market competition, although we cannot achieve a constant victory, we dare to face difficulties and bravely fight hard and evil, at least reducing the chance of failure. The analytical team of the medical agent network competes, morale is the foundation, and the belief of winning and the strong will are the keys. Skills are no longer important at critical moments. If you want too much, you may be defeated, stay calm, don't give up, don't give up, persist in the end, maybe victory is yours.

4, the pharmaceutical investment team to win, not be foolhardy, to find opportunities. If you want to win, you can't be reckless, especially if it's against you. To defeat yourself is to win the battle. The opponent is not strong. It is your demon that is powerful, and defeating the devil opponent may give you victory because of your strong internal mistakes. This may be the legendary "defeat troops without war".

5, the team members work together to play a team strength. If you look at a successful medical team, you will find that team members are very well-balanced, not particularly prominent, and not absolutely weak. The investment promotion of pharmaceuticals is even even and uniform. The more standardized the more unified, the more powerful the fighting force can be. When everyone in a team holds the belief that they must win, everyone will do their best. It will be the most terrible opponent and the most powerful team. Perhaps their personal skills are not the best, maybe they are vulnerable to each individual, but their combined force is unparalleled.

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