Water and fertilizer integration in mountain orchards

The narrow integration of water and fertilizer means fertilizing through the irrigation system. The crop absorbs water while absorbing nutrients. Fertilization, which is usually carried out simultaneously with irrigation, is achieved by injecting fertilizer solution into the irrigation water pipeline under pressure. Fertilizer-contaminated irrigation water is sprayed on crops or drip into the root zone through irrigation devices (sprinklers, micro-sprinklers, drippers, etc.). In a broad sense, fertilizers are used after they are dissolved, including application, pouring, spraying, and pipelines.

When drip irrigation is performed in a mountainous orchard, in order to save expenses, if the topography of the orchard is within 15 meters, it is generally not necessary to install a drip irrigation tank. Simply select a suitable pump for the lift and flow rate. For a terrain height difference of 25 meters or more, it is best to build a reservoir at the highest point of the orchard, using a gravity drip system, which saves money.

The dripper is divided into ordinary drippers and pressure compensating drippers. The flow rate of an ordinary dripper is proportional to the pressure, and it can usually only be used on flat ground. The pressure compensation dripper can maintain a constant and constant flow within a certain range of pressure changes. In mountainous orchards, tea gardens, or forested areas, there are often differences in elevations. The use of ordinary drippers can lead to uneven water output, which is usually manifested as high water levels and low water levels. Pressure compensation drippers can solve this problem. In order to ensure that the effluent from all parts of the pipeline is uniform and the topographic relief height is greater than 3 meters, a pressure compensating dripper should be used.

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