Herbage early spring management points

The overall low temperature in early spring is extremely detrimental to the growth of pasture after winter. In order to promote the early germination of forage grasses as early as winter and early return to green, we should seriously grasp the following tasks: timely cultivating, over-wintering, and overwintering forage grasses, which are growing slowly, are not competitive with weeds, and should be ploughed in time after thawing to loosen the soil. , increase air permeability, increase surface heat absorption capacity, favorable for grass as soon as possible germination. In the early spring, it is necessary to work hard, generally not less than 3-4 times. However, for fast-growing pastures such as winter grazing rye 70 and ryegrass, etc. do not need to scratch more than one time, only scratching before and after germination one or two times, post-grass can be quickly sealed without smashing.
Timely topdressing watering pastures after winter, if sufficient water and fertilizer can significantly increase the tillers, promote seedlings robust growth and root development, enhance cold resistance, drought resistance. Topdressing generally use quick-acting nitrogen fertilizers, such as applying 6-8 kg of urea per acre. According to the conditions of flooding, it can be poured back to Qingshui in time, which can be combined with topdressing. Some overwinter pastures are better when they are topdressing, and they can work better with topdressing some P and K fertilizers or directly using compound fertilizers. However, some forage grasses are not tolerant, and low-lying or poorly drained lands are liable to cause poor plant root development and poor cold resistance. For example, legume pea peas and milk vetch are not resistant to water stains. Attention should be paid to the ditching after flooding or flooding. Drainage to prevent dead roots.
Strengthen pest prevention and control Pastures that pass through the winter are prone to pests and diseases in the early spring, such as winter grazing 70 rye, multi-flowered ryegrass, etc., which are vulnerable to the armyworms and aphids. After discovery, they must be promptly sprayed with pesticides for prevention and control. The spraying of pesticides such as butylate is sprayed; the sclerotinia is the disease that has the greatest impact on alfalfa, and it is prone to occur when the soil is wet after the early spring rain. Once it happens, lime can be applied on the ground or it can be sprayed with carbendazim to prevent and control. Arrow peas are vulnerable to locusts in early spring to flowering period. They can be sprayed with pesticides such as dimethoate and enemy killers for prevention and control.
Timely grazing usually uses young animals and poultry such as rabbits, geese, and ducks, and can be grazing during the young period of forage. Generally, the grazing can be carried out at 30-60 centimeters, and the grazing can be preserved. About centimeters to facilitate germination.

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