Maize combine harvester emergency troubleshooting method

"Sanqiu" approaching the farmer driver before going out to work should be performed in a timely manner to perform a comprehensive technical maintenance of the unit so that the unit can maintain a good state of technology to reduce failures and improve operating efficiency to extend the service life of the engine; do not panic if there is a sudden failure during operation. The following points may be helpful to you:
1. If the normal operation encounters violent vibration of the engine, the driver shall immediately stop the operation. Open the vehicle to the open area and get off. After that, first check the looseness of the cross bearing or tightening bolt of the drive shaft of the vehicle. Determine if the cross bearing is damaged, replace it. If the new part is tightened with a tightening bolt, the torque wrench can be used to tighten the bolt.
2. If the operator encounters the high temperature of the chopper when the spindle temperature is high, the driver should stop the work and get off the vehicle to check whether the lack of oil or the inspection of the oil caused by the v-belt over-tight. The oil should be injected; if the belt is too tight, it should be immediately Adjust the tightness of the reel chain.
3. If noise is heard from the gearbox during normal operation, stop the work and get off to check if the gear is not suitable for the backlash. If the gear or bearing is damaged, adjust the backlash to 0.15-0.35mm or replace the bearing to operate.

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