Winter edible mushrooms to prevent insect pests

In winter, pests in the production of edible fungi are still a big threat, even worse than in summer. For insects such as mushroom mosquito, mushroom fly, and skipping insects, seemingly insignificant pests can cause irreversible damage to production in a very short period of time. In particular, pests such as cockroaches, cockroaches, horses, and snails are larger in size and more harmful. To effectively prevent and control insect pests, we must adhere to the principle of combining prevention and treatment with the principle of “prevention is to work hard and killing is essential”. The specific method boils down to three main points:

Physical Prevention 1. To build mushroom sheds should leave villages, squat toilets, garbage dumps, dung heaps, etc. to make the mushrooming environment away from insect sources. 2. The raw and auxiliary materials are exposed to strong sun exposure to avoid carrying eggs or live insects. 3. There are live worms or eggs in the raw material. Do not directly sow the raw material. Use at least after fermentation. It is better to use clinker for cultivation or for seed production. 4. Strictly check whether the strains have insects, and carefully check the purchased strains before transfer to prevent insect inoculation. 5. Mushroom vents and import and export packages such as insect nets to prevent adult insects from flying in. 6. Spread lime barriers at the vents and entrances and exits to prevent entry of reptile pests.

Drug prevention 1. Add phoxim and other drugs when mixing, the dosage is generally about 100 ml per 1,000 kg of dry material, raw material cultivation can be added with spices, the best time for the cultivation of fermentation material for the last time Added before the heap, the high temperature and stuffy heap, the insecticidal effect is ideal. 2. Within a certain distance from the shed, after cleaning up the waste, insecticides can be killed by using highly effective insecticidal drugs such as trichlorfon to cut off pests. 3. Ventilation outlets and entrances and exits outside the sheds and booths are sprayed with cypermethrin-based high-potency low-residue drugs to prevent reptiles from entering the shed. 4. In mushroom sheds, insecticides such as cypermethrin can be generally sprayed, avermectin can be used to kill aphids, and insecticides such as mushroom and mushroom fly can be used to repell insecticides efficiently, and the mechanism of action of the drug can be repelled. Is: the mushroom mosquito, mushroom fly adults do not like the smell of drugs to repellent them, adults can not enter the shed, but also unable to feed spawning, the adults are repelled, the formation of harmful larvae will be inorganic. This odor can make mushroom and mushroom fly hide in fear, even if there are occasional worms into the shed, it will quickly escape due to unpleasant smell, can not be formed damage.

When there are live insects or eggs in the insecticidal strains of the medicine, the strains can be put into large plastic bags (wide double-layered film, and one is tied into the mouth) and the amount of phosphorus is put in 4 pieces per cubic meter of space. Aluminium can be used in about 6 hours.

During infestation, infestation occurred inadvertently, and the ground was sprinkled with water, and the bacteria bags were concentrated (note the temperature to prevent burning of bacteria). The plastic film was placed after the discharge and the aluminum phosphide drugs were placed under the film. The dosage was the same as above, but care should be taken evenly. Closed plastic film, after about 6 hours to remove the film, you can normal management.

Pests found during fruiting, if it is to prevent sluggish access to the “net of insects”, the amount of insecticide can be suitable for spraying pyrethroids, mushrooms mosquitoes are extremely resistant to insects, according to the minimum concentration of vegetables can be; if found Larvae, according to the above use of aluminum phosphide to kill, but the fruiting body should be removed, for buds, can be bud medicine, general initial pest, 4 to 6 hours to kill.

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