Thousands of mountains and three pens

When I arrived in Kunming, my friend accompanied me to visit Baizhai. The host treated us with traditional national etiquette and dedicated three teas.

Crossing the high threshold of the tea house, there is a spacious yard inside, and the sun is warmly sprinkled on the white slate, which makes me feel more cordial. The Bai girl is dressed in white, red, green and black embellished bright costumes with colorful flowers on her head. When she sees a guest, she warmly greets us at the Baxian table. In the songs and dances, the first tea is on the side. Come up.

When the girls offered tea to the guests in turn, they raised the tea with their hands on the right eyebrow and performed the etiquette of the Bai people. The girl whispered that the first tea was bitter tea, which was brewed with scented tea. I looked at this dark brown tea soup and was about to take a drink. A girl smiled and said that she should first smell under her nose. Once you smell it, then drink it in three. I asked why I have to divide three? The answer is three things, what is culture?

I ordered to drink in three mouths, only to feel that the tip of the tongue was slightly bitter and not sorrowful. At this time, eight Bai girls jumped from the sides of the cloister to the center of the courtyard to dance for us. Most of the movements were the work of the Bai people, and they were rich in national characteristics. Please drink three teas is the highest etiquette for the Bai people to treat, and dance to help, I sit on the bench and enjoy the good moments.

The second tea came up. This is a sweet tea, and the girl gave us a sacred ceremony for the white people. A small sweet tea was sent to the front. I fixed my eyes and looked at it. This is tea, which is clearly a snack. This is brewed with milk fans, walnuts and honey. The girl is quite proud to say. I can't wait to take a sip, and there is no sense of fat in general sweets. I asked what the milk fan is. She took out two bamboo rafts from the kitchen, wrapped in milky white things, and gently touched it. The elasticity is very strong. This is the milk fan. It is made of milk and smashed into a bamboo stalk and dried on the bamboo stalk. When brewing, it can be cut into filaments. After listening to the introduction, I will chew the milk fan silk in the sweet tea. How can I not eat milk? The taste is more like bamboo shoots.

The third tea is the aftertaste tea, which is made from cinnamon, pepper, ginger, etc. The soup is yellowish and the taste is very strange. The sweetness is spicy and there is a bit of numbness, but when you drink another bit, it tastes strong. Strong local flavor, it is a simple, unadorned passion.

Three teas have been drunk for nearly half an hour, and the more intense the taste, the more "three teas" of life. In the journey of life, this procedure is often repeated: there are few worries about food and clothing, strong family, tired work, and hard work. Is this bitter tea? When people are in middle age, they are so sweet and have something to gain. Isn't this a sweet tea? The annual flower, recalling the past, the life of the hundred flavors come together, it is really a taste, this is the aftertaste tea?

People always like sweet and bitter, but in real life they tend to be the opposite. Some people are desperately pursuing "sweet tea", but they get a cup of "bitter tea", which is bitter and sweet, and what proportion can be in a person's life. I am afraid that no one can tell. Some people do not seek fame, are willing to be lonely, live a safe life, drink light tea; some people are not afraid of stimulation, dare to risk, life full of peaks and valleys, big ups and downs, big bitter and sweet, drink is thick Flavored tea. Life is bitter and not sweet, and it may not be able to withstand the destruction and decadence; there is sweetness and no suffering, and people will lose their progress and degenerate. Often people's ability to withstand sweetness is more fragile than the ability to withstand suffering. Too much sweet tea is eaten too early, and the whole day is rich in the field. After decades, it is shocked to return to the first place, and the years have been lost. In the end, it is just a "deaf child." It is a good fortune to be bitter and sweet after a lifetime. It is a tragedy when it is sweet and then bitter, because sweet tea, such as sugar, can only be used for a while; bitter tea, like medicine, may benefit a lifetime.

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