Reasonable rearing of pregnant sows can increase litter weight

Piglet weaning weight seriously affects the growth and development of bred pigs and finishing pigs. It has been proved that the weight of piglet weaning is 1 kilogram, and the time for slaughter will be 7 days to 10 days. Therefore, to maximize the weaning weight of piglets, it is necessary to increase the weight of the piglets and ensure that the weaned piglets are large and healthy. “One or two students are born poorly and one catty is weaned.” This shows that the birth weight of piglets is closely related to the weight of weaned pigs. According to the embryonic development rules of pregnant sows, the birth weight of newborn piglets is 60%~70%. The feeding and management of sow pregnant sows from 80 days to 110 days is very important to increase the birth weight of piglets. This period should be based on the pregnant sow's nymphs, to control the full amount of feed, requiring protein of 16% to 17%. Sows are generally used to feed 2.5kg to 3kg per head per day. If conditions allow it to exercise properly, and increase the quality of green feed, to promote sorrow appetite, digestion and absorption and fecal excretion, to improve the number of births. From 5 days to 7 days before delivery, feeds should be gradually reduced until the day of childbirth to stop feeding, which can prevent the sows from giving birth and increase the birth weight and survival rate of piglets.

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