"Three strokes" manage good autumn tomatoes

The results of the winter pods in greenhouses coincide with the New Year's Day to the Spring Festival, with large sales, good prices, and high profits. How to manage the tomatoes in autumn and winter needs some smart “trick”.

Lightly applying base fertilizer and reusing fertilizer

Autumn and winter pods and winter and spring pods are the most important cornices in the winter-warm plastic greenhouses in North China. Mature greenhouses, due to years of organic fertilizer and fertilizer input, the soil is already very fertile, so the base fertilizer should be light. The empirical data shows that in the shed of about 8 years, it is recommended that the high-potassium compound fertilizer for tomato base fertilizers in autumn and winter be about 25 kg/mu. The shorter the shed age, the higher the corresponding base fertilizer usage, and the maximum limit is 75 kg/mu. If the autumn and winter pods are planted in September, the temperature at the seedling stage will be suitable and grow strong. The base fertilizer can be used with little or no organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer gave the planting period in the winter and spring, which can play a role in raising the temperature and ensuring high yield.

According to the number of spikes to determine the amount of top dressing, the emphasis should be on top dressing to yield. If a total of 6 spikes are reserved, 3 can be top-dressed when the 1st, 3rd, and 5th fruits are inflated. If there are a total of 4 spikes, 2 top-dressings will be made when the 1st and 3rd fruits are inflated. When the fruit size is large, Appropriate increase of topdressing can be done once. The top dressing is mainly composed of potassium sulfate compound fertilizer, and the formula is preferably high nitrogen, low phosphorus and high potassium. The dosage is 20-30 kg/mu/time. When the ground temperature is low, organic matter such as fulvic acid is better to buffer the effect of pure chemical fertilizers on the ground temperature and root system.

Timely supplement of trace fertilizer

Among the trace elements, tomatoes have more demand for calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc and iron. Supplement these elements from the bottom, topdressing and foliar spray fertilizer in three aspects. The end of the application can be supplemented with Youli boron zinc, silicon calcium magnesium, calcium magnesium phosphate, Rui green iron fertilizer and so on. Topdressing with the compound fertilizer to add a line immediately, optional Ciba borax, U-Bo zinc, calcium ammonium nitrate and so on. Foliar spraying supplemented 2-3 times, optional Kangpo calcium magnesium boron, suspended zinc, liquid calcium, green faster. Dosage with reference to the instructions, with more useless. In addition, in order to effectively prevent soil-borne diseases, the soil can be conditioned with either Condite or micro-bacterial agents (both of which are in the form of Bifidobacterium), or mixed with fine soil in a planting hole at a rate of about 1 kilogram per mu.

Prevents three diseases

Tomato leaf spot, late blight and gray mold are the three major diseases of tomatoes in autumn and winter, and timely prevention and treatment can ensure the benefits.

Bacterial leaf spot disease prevention and treatment based on seed treatment, the initial stage of the disease can be used to kill 3000 (or Roncobacter, copper fertilizer copper, copper nitroguanidine can be) treatment.

For the prevention of late blight, Baitai, Yinfali or anti-virus drugs should be sprayed once 10-15 days before the onset of disease. Generally, there will be no late blight. When sporadic occurs, firstly use a quick-acting therapeutic agent (such as Anke, Cyperum cyanide, moldy grams, etc.) to control the development of the disease, and then spray Baitai and Yinfali to protect it.

Gray mold is one of the key diseases in flower and fruit period. The prevention and control methods are as follows: First, clean up dried flowers, dry leaves, and other corrupt materials during agricultural operations. The second is to prevent the use of acetaminophen, Harz and Trichoderma, the treatment of pyrimethanil, etc., pay attention to spray combined calcium, the effect is better. The third is the use of sneeze flowers used in medicine to prevent botrytis, such as Shijia Le 1000 times (or 1000 grams of quick-Kelvin, 500 times mothraine), to be prevented.

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