Greenhouse eggplant seedlings prevention and control method

Symptoms: In early spring, when eggplants are in the seedling stage, there are often symptoms such as small leaves, dark green color, fine stalks, and less roots. Such seedlings are slow to grow slowly after planting, weak in growth, and easy to fall and fall.

Causes of the disease: The seedbed temperature is too low (less than 15°C for a long time). The disease is most likely to occur. Water is used for heating facilities or for raising seedlings due to water consumption. If watering is not done in time, bed soil will be too dry.

Control methods: early spring quail eggplant nursery is at a low temperature, so temperature management is the most critical. First, choose low-temperature resistant varieties: such as Solanum japonicum No.12, Yuanza No.2 in the circle eggplant, Shouguang Zichang eggplant in the long eggplant, etc.; Spray the new high-fat film to prevent freezing during the growth period to prevent the bacteria from infecting and improve the natural disaster resistance. Capacity; Second, the use of heating facilities, such as the laying of the floor heating line, and covered with small arches, two curtains and other insulation facilities, timely watering, strengthen the management of temperature and moisture.

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