There is no omission in the windproof room

When the windy weather is encountered, the ventilation outlet of the greenhouse must be shut tightly so that the cold air will not be directly blown into the shed from the air vent to damage the seedlings. When using a three-wheeled rope room, pay attention to the rope inside the shed. Outside the shed, the shed must be kept firmly fixed. If the soiled bag is not firmly pressed, the grass shed on the shed can be placed under the bleeder outlet. It was scratched and affected the growth of vegetables in the shed.

The film should also be well protected. If windy weather is known ahead of time, when installing the roller blinds in the booth, when the grass is pulled in the daytime, the film can be rolled into the grasshopper. This prevents the film from being swayed by the wind. For sheds without security shutters, after the drafting is done during the daytime, the film can be rolled up and compacted with sandbags and other coverings to prevent it from being blown by the wind. After laying grass in the evening, be sure to cover the membrane and press the membrane well.

In addition, in the booth where the shutter is not installed, in the evening, when the grass is placed, care must be taken to prevent the grasshopper from being blown by the wind. A few households can cooperate with the grasshoppers, a shed can be placed on the grass, and a shed is fixed in the middle. Hey, the next one is fixed. When installing the shutter room, the vegetable farmers should pay special attention to the wind direction, and pay attention to pressing the bricks and mortar on both sides of the greenhouse.

Sterile Powder For Injection For Animal Drugs

Sterile powder for injection, commonly known as powder injection, refers to
the sterile powder or block made of raw materials or suitable excipients for injection
with sterile solution before clinical use. Suitable injection solvent can be used for
injection, or intravenous infusion can be used for injection. All drugs that are unstable
in aqueous solution, such as some antibiotics, penicillins, cephalosporins, some enzyme
preparations, such as trypsin, coenzyme A and plasma, must be made into sterile powder
for injection. It is generally prepared by aseptic subpackage or freeze-drying method.
According to the different preparation process, sterile powder for injection can be
divided into two categories: sterile sub packaged products for injection and freeze-dried
products for injection.

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