Feeding material to dairy cows

Fishmeal and fish meal should not be fed to dairy animals. Because the fishmeal has a fishy smell, this fishy smell can enter milk or goat milk, affecting the taste, and the milk is not easy to sell, causing economic losses.

Silkworm cocoon powder cocoon powder has high fat content, odor, is not easy to preserve, is easily rancid, and often feeds have adverse effects on meat and milk, and in particular it is not suitable for feed for dairy animals.

Chicken manure Chicken manure is a kind of regenerated protein feed and can be used to feed ordinary cattle and sheep, but it is not suitable for feeding cows and sheep. Because it is easy to make chicken feces, affect milky taste and milk quality.

Fish oil dairy animals should not be fed with fish oil. Because fish oil contains multiple unsaturated fatty acids, its oxidation products have an odor and can transfer this odor to meat and milk.

Pea peas contain many protein, high nutritional value, is a good feed for livestock and poultry. But don't feed the milk with the arrow peas with flowers, or feed the lupine, because it contains alkaloids that can make the milk taste bitter.

Onion, garlic, and leeks, whether for feeding or grazing dairy animals, do not always feed savory onions, garlic, and leeks. Because feeding these often causes odors in meat and milk, it affects its quality.

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