Tea tree lichen and moss control method

Symptoms Lichens and mosses are distributed in various tea regions throughout the country. It mainly occurs in damp and senile tea gardens. Lichen is a kind of frond, gray-grey, according to the appearance of the shape can be divided into leafy lichen, shell-like lichen, branch lichen three kinds. The leafy lichens are flat and resemble blades. They are laid on the surface of the branches and some edges are rewinded. The shell-like lichen is a dark brown pseudo-root that has a different shape. It is tightly attached to the dry skin of the tea tree and is difficult to be peeled off. For example, the character lichen is husk-like and the surface is black. Branches of lichen lichen drooping or erect, branches like branches. Moss is a yellow-green moss or hairlike material.

The pathogenic lichen is a symbiotic organism of fungi and algae. It is borne by phyllotrophs and it can also be propagated by spores and mycelia of fungi and spores produced by algae. There are 13 kinds of lichens that injure tea trees in China. There are eyelashes, etc. that are commonly seen. Moss is a kind of higher plant, with green pseudostems and false leaves, which can carry out photosynthesis. It is mostly attached to the trunks to absorb moisture, and its propagules are gametophytes, and gametophytes can produce spores. There are more than 20 kinds of mosses that damage tea plants in China. The dominant species in Anhui, Zhejiang, and other provinces are hanging oysters, Chinese wood caskets and so on.

Transmission routes and disease conditions Lichens and mosses begin to grow when the temperature rises above 10°C in the early spring. The spores are spread by wind and rain and generally grow in the warm and humid season of May-June. They enter the hot summer season and grow. It is very slow. The temperature in autumn has fallen. Mosses and lichens have re-expanded until they stop in the winter. The old tea plantation is debilitated and the bark is rough and susceptible to disease. Moss occurs in wet tea gardens and lichens occur in mountain tea gardens. Excessive production management, overgrown with weeds, heavy soils, and moisture retention in the tea plantations are serious.

Prevention methods (1) Strengthen tea garden management. Timely removal of weeds from tea gardens, drainage in time after the rain, prevention of moisture retention, scientific digging, cleaning clumps, and improving the microclimate of the tea garden. (2) Application of compost or decomposed organic fertilizer made from fermented bacteria and rational harvesting will make tea plants grow vigorously and improve disease resistance. (3) In autumn and winter, when the tea collection period is stopped, spraying 2% ferrous sulfate solution or 1% glyphosate herbicide can effectively control moss. (4) Spray 1:1:100 times Bordeaux mixture or 12% green tea cream 600 times. (5) The ash extract of the plant ash is concentrated after being boiled and applied to the lichen or moss disease department.

Small 2D LiDAR Sensor

IT02S, is JRT new product in the early 2019, which is a single-point LiDAR sensor, also called tof distance sensor. With a micro size of 46x17x7mm, customers can widely use in many Laser Measurement Solutions. The lidar distance sensor can measure 12m short-range with high frequency up to 100hz. It's great for Unmanned Aerial Systems. If you need us send you data sheet and spec for this products, offering sample as well, pls tell us, thank you.

IT02S Mini Tof Sensor Module Diagram
IT02S Mini Tof Sensor Module Diagram
Parameters of IT02S:


+/-8cm@ 0.1~3.5m

Measuring Unit


Measuring Range (without Reflection)


Measuring Time

0.1~3 seconds

Measuring Frequency

100 Hz

Laser Class

Class II

Laser Type

650nm, <1mw, red


About 5g



Serial Level

TTL 3.3V



Operating Temperature

0-40 ℃ (32-104 ℉ )

Storage Temperature

-25~60 ℃ (-13~140 ℉)

IT02S – the High performance-price ratio measurement solution
* low power consumption of single transmit and single receive
* small size: 46*17*7mm
* low cost
* proffessional techinical support

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