How to prune the autumn pepper

First, pruning time is best after harvesting in autumn. When pruning must be based on different species, age, tree vigor to take appropriate pruning methods, and pay attention to the combination of sparse, less short cut, weak to stay strong, sparse buds to stay strong buds.
Second, the pruning method The shape of the plastic tree is mainly the happy shape and the plexiform shape.
1. The pruning seedlings of saplings and young fruit trees are planted in the same year or the second year of winter in the trunk at 25-30 centimeters, cut off the top; the young trees of the newly-fruited fruit are both plasticized and the result is heavy, and the pruning amount should be light, generally not Short cuts, only some support, pull and twigs. Keep a good backbone, cut off the excess branches, leaving 3-5 branches of the main sprouting branches, and cut the rest from the base.
2. Pruning results of the adult tree When pruning the tree, it is necessary to maintain the tree vigour and regulate the amount of flowers. When the branches are densely squeezed, they are mainly sparsely dredged, and the sparseness of the branches is eliminated. The excess large branches that affect the illumination are eliminated, and the conditions for good ventilation and light transmission are maintained. For excessive density, weakness, crossover, leggy, and pests and branches, we must remove them in time so that the internal branches of the crown can be strong, balanced, and airy and transparent. Pay attention to leave the branch uniform, do not bald at the back.
3. Pruning of old trees First remove the branches and stems, dry branches, then trim the inward branches, cross branches, overlapping branches, and finally cut the top of each branch around the crown to 10 cm. The pruning of old trees and weak trees is mainly to update rejuvenation, re-shrinking or eliminating weak branchlets. Make full use of leggy branches, supplement broken crowns, and maintain proper area of ​​results.

Medical Face Mask

1. Both sterile and non-sterile masks are made in a 100,000-class dust-free workshop. Other indicators such as filtration efficiency or airflow resistance are all the same requirements. The difference lies in the final sterilization process of the finished product. The presence or absence of.
2. The sterile type is mainly because the things that need to be entered in medical places such as ICUs and operating rooms that need to strictly control the microbial environment are sterile, and will not cause other bacterial infections in patients.
3. Non-sterile masks can meet the microbial limit indicators after being made in the above-mentioned 100,000-level dust-free workshop. Product introduction of disposable medical surgical masks. In other words, non-sterile masks are strictly in accordance with the medical device management method The management is safe enough to meet the daily protection needs of the public.

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