Pig farming and grouping methods

1. Principle of grouping

Pigs with similar source, body condition, temperament, and feed intake were bred in groups to be managed in groups and fed in separate troughs to ensure normal pig growth and development. The weight of the same group of pigs should not be too different, and should remain relatively stable after grouping, and generally do not change.

2, suitable density

In general, the weaned pigs per head were 0.7 square meters and the finishing pigs were 1.2 square meters per head. Each group is suitable for 10-15 heads. In winter, the stocking density can be appropriately increased, and in summer, the stocking density should be appropriately reduced.

3, group method

The key to the group is to avoid biting each other in the early stages of the group. According to the biological characteristics of pigs, we should stay weak and not stay strong, keep the weaker pigs in the original circle, and remove more without splitting, keep the pigs to keep the original circle, and merge the number of pigs into the pigs with few pigs. Group; night and not together, the general use of the evening group; hunger split and full, hungry when the demolition group, and immediately after the group fed, so that the pigs to eat enough after their sleep, do not invade each other.

4, strengthen management

Swarms should be cleaned and sterilized strictly before grouping. During the first few days after gregariousness, it is necessary to strengthen the management of feeding and training, and to find a bite or fight, and immediately stop it.

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