How to cut the purple leaves

Purple plum generally adopts grafting method to breed, but the cost is high, propagation is slow, variation is easy, and lifespan is short. In recent years, the author carried out autumn and winter cutting technique tests on purple peony, the results show that the method is low-cost, fast, and the survival rate of cuttings is more than 90%. Now briefly introduce its technology.

The cuttings are prepared to select a tree that grows from 3 to 4 years of age and is robust as a mother tree. After cutting leaves in late autumn, old branches without disease and pests are cut from the mother trees, and cuttings that are thick, full, no pests and mechanical damage can be used as cuttings. The selected cuttings were cut into 40 to 50 cm sections, baled by 100 to 200 pieces, and buried in wet sand for storage.

In the field of nursery land selection, drainage, irrigation and convenient transportation should be selected. The soil layer requires a deep, fertile, loose sandy loam soil. Before soil preparation, 6 cubic meters of decomposed farmyard manure was applied evenly to each mu of land, and 1500 g of 50% carbendazim was sprinkled in the soil to disinfect the soil. 25 kg of ferrous sulfate was neutralized to neutralize soil salinity; 4000 was reused. 50% phoxim granules are applied to kill underground pests. Then, plowing, squeezing, leveling the land, removing debris, and doing squats. The length of the dragonfly is determined according to the garden, and the width is 1 meter; the gap between the dragonfly and the dragonfly is 0.3 meters deep and 0.2 meters deep. After doing a good job of suppressing it, we will flatten the cultivators and prepare them for cutting.

The cutting time was selected from the late November to the mid-December after the leaves of purple-leaf plum.

Cutting methods Before cutting, first cut the branches that have just been cut or stored in the wet sand, and cut the thin and weak branches and the dehydrated shrinkage sections. Then from the bottom up, cut the long branches to 10 to 12 cm, with 3 to 5 bud cuttings. A smooth slope is cut near the bud at the proximal end of the cutting to increase the contact surface between the forming layer and the soil, which is conducive to rooting. The top of the cuttings was cut to a level of 0.8 to 1 cm from the bud. After the cuttings are cut, they should be immersed in clean water for 15 to 20 hours immediately to make the cuttings fully absorb enough water. The 5010-6ABT6 rooting powder was used in proportion to the rooting agent, and the cuttings were soaked for rooting. The cuttings were inserted into the soil obliquely downward. The rows were 5 cm and 5 cm apart, and the upper buds exposed 0.5 to 1 cm above the ground. Immediately after the cuttings, the water was soaked so that the cuttings were in close contact with the soil. Because at this time, the temperature dropped and the monsoon was relatively large. After the ground was slightly dry, it was covered with a double-layered plastic film. At the same time, a small plastic shed with a height of 1 meter and the same width was used to keep warm and keep warm.

The seedling management seedbed has a mulch and a small arch awning that can be maintained for a long time without irrigation, such as drying the soil under the mulching film, and then immersing the water in the ditches. When the minimum temperature drops to minus 5°C, frost protection should be added to the shed. After the minimum temperature rises to 0°C, the straw is opened during the day and the grass around the night; when the minimum temperature exceeds 5°C, the shed should be opened during the day. , Appropriate air release, anti-high temperature burns seedlings. At the beginning of March, when the seedling height was 3 to 5 cm, the seedling film was ventilated during the day to practice seedlings, and the amount of ventilation was gradually increased as the seedlings grew. From late March to early April, keep the seedbed moist. In the middle and late April, after the temperature stabilized, the shed film was removed and fertilizer, weeding, and watering were promptly applied.

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