Lamb early weaning full concentrate finishing technology

The early weaning and full-finishing technology of Lamb has many advantages: First, the lamb grows fastest within 3 months after birth, and the growth rate slows down after that. Early fattening can have a higher slaughter rate. The second is that the technology only feeds concentrate feed, but does not feed roughage, management is simplified, no digestive tract disease occurs, thus increasing the feed conversion rate and daily gain. According to experiments, lambs were weaned at 1.5 months of age and weighing 10.5 kilograms, fattened for 50 days, and slaughtered at the age of 3 months. The fattening sheep weighed 25-30 kilograms, and the average daily gain was 280 grams. The economic benefits were significant.

Its technology is:

1, preparation before finishing. Lambs were weaned at 1.5 months of age and were fed by the barriers in the first half of the month. The lambs were separated from the ewes in the early morning and late evening. The lambs were allowed to move in a special circle, and there were fine feed troughs and drinking fountains in the activity area. The remaining time is still the same with the mother. Feed supplements should be the same as feeds that are fattened after weaning. At the beginning of feeding, the grain can be broken slightly and used to feed whole grains. The floor of the lamb's activity area should be kept dry, well ventilated, and covered with a few bedding on the ground.

2, full concentrate fattening points. (1) Choose fattening feed. General corn fattening effect is good. After the fattening feed is mixed by the formula, it is freely eaten by the lamb. Feed mix ratios are: whole grain corn 83%, soybean cake 15%, stone powder 1.4%, salt 0.5%, trace elements and vitamins 0.1%. (2) During the entire fattening period, the feed formulation will not be changed. (3) Lambs adopt simple automatic feeding troughs to prevent the limbs of lambs from stepping into the troughs. (4) It is expected that there will be clean drinking water in the drinking fountains during the finishing period. (5) At the initial stage of lambs eating whole corn, corn grains will be spit out from the mouth. With the increase of age, the phenomenon of corn spit will be reduced and then disappear, without affecting the fattening effect. (6) Under normal circumstances, the lamb's droppings are lumpy and yellow, and there are no corn kernels in the droppings. Diarrhea may occur during weather changes or rainy days, and intestinal anti-inflammatory drugs and astringent drugs may be used if necessary.

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