Eucalyptus Flowering Management

The flowering period of eucalyptus is as long as 3 months, and flowers bloom from October to February. Generally, the flowering period of eucalyptus is divided into three stages. The first flower is open from October to November. The fruit of the knot is large and the quality is good, but it is easy to catch cold. The second flower is open from November to next January, and the fruit quality is less than The result of head budding was strong, but the cold-resistance ability was strong, and the fruit set rate was high. The three flowers were opened in January and February, the fruit of the knot was small, and the quality was poor, but the fruit setting rate was higher than that of the first flower and second flower. For the opening characteristics of this flower, the management of the flowering time is particularly important.

The sparse flower sparse the dense and weak flower spikes from the junctions of the fruiting branches and flower spikes, and the whole panicles were removed. According to the tree vigor, the sparse panicles accounted for 20%-30% of the whole tree.

In order to avoid large-scale flowering and nutrient imbalance, top-dressing fertilizers have to be top-dressed several times; spray 0.2% urea solution or potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution every 3 days.

The flowering period of the drought-preventing eucalyptus is in the fall and winter seasons of drought and rain. In order to increase the pollination rate, the tree trunks can be sprayed on the sunny morning or canal irrigation.

The major pests and diseases of pest control are red rust. At the beginning of the disease, Baume 0.3-degree lime sulfur can be sprayed 1-2 times; the pests are mainly yellow caterpillars, which harms autumn and results branches and leaves. In the prevention and control period, 90% trichlorfon 500 times solution or dichlorvos 800 times solution can be sprayed in the main stage of larval emergence.

Spraying growth regulators to promote flower bud development and increase fruit set rate should be sprayed with cytokinin 80-120 times solution or 0.1% benzyl purine solution to preserve flowers.

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1. Commodity name: Peeled garlic

2. Size: 180 - 230grains/kg, 230 - 260grains/kg, 260 - 350grains/kg
3. Packing: In carton
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            b) 1kg* 10bags
            c) 5kg*2bags
            d) 10kg*1bag            
            e) 30lbs/bag 
            f) 10kg/bag
            g) 20lbs/bag
            h) 30lbs/bag 
            i) 1lb 3lbs, 5lbs/jar (jars can be filled with nitrogen)
4. Supply period: All year round

5. Conveyance: 25mts/40' HR

Peeled Garlic

Peeled Garlic

Peeled Garlic

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